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Things that made you stop playing FF14?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Things that made you stop playing FF14?

After playing this mmo for a few months, it's finally time for me to stop. I unsubbed and I'll simply watch the cutscenes in youtube instead (basically the same experience). Here's the things that helped drive me away:

  • Predictable Formulaic New "Content" – It's easy to master the game and it got very boring the moment I did. Doesn't help that the developers have no intention of adding anything interesting to keep it safe and scripted. I understand that majority of the playerbase are casuals who struggle with basic easy content, but for anyone with a few extra braincells the game is simply not challenging or interesting enough. Sure they look pretty given that it's a AAA product, but graphics don't always make a game great.
  • Overrated Story Quality – As a veteran of movies and anime, I don't understand why people hail the story in this game as the greatest of all time. ARR was akin to a low-budget cartoon, HW is a little improvement while SB was more of the same. There was a few chuckles every now and then, but the overall plot and presentation is just mediocre in my opinion.
  • Too many collabs and fan service – This is just a personal gripe and back then I thought collabs were a great idea when looking at PSO2's Japanese collabs. But seeing it here in FF14 broke what little immersion i had. It made the game feel more fake and showed that the devs basically ran out of ideas.
  • Criticism = Banned – I've been banned in the official forums for voicing my opinion on how to make the game better and in-game, you can easily be muted (or even banned) if you say anything negative about the game. I'm not even the toxic type but the overly defensive stance of the playerbase and admin are too much.
  • No Decent PvP Scene – Anyone who research a little knows that the pvp scene in FF14 is a joke. It's been streamlined too much driving even more pvp'ers away. It doesn't help that it's filled with bots and there's no plans to address this issue at all, it's very disappointing.
  • Dishonest Community – Too many people are shlling this game but they always deny that there's anything wrong with it. They will always leave out the horrible pre-HW fetch quests, the overpriced microtransactions, the lack of customization/build variety, the abysmal combat, etc.. In reddit, discussions about these issues are always downvoted and hidden. It's also worth noting that in youtube, there's virtually no "why ff14 sucks" videos: I asked around about this and apparently it's due to relentless harassment and strikes. It's very strange that people are discouraged to rant about this game.


How about you? What made you stop playing and switch to another mmo or genre?

note: for any fans please refrain from being too defensive and lets all have a real discussion. We are not bashing the game, just airing out some gripes since we're not allowed to in the official channels.

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