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This sub has a very toxic relationship with WoW, people complain about the changes just to support it in the end.

Gamingtodaynews1f - This sub has a very toxic relationship with WoW, people complain about the changes just to support it in the end.

As someone whose played WoW since I was a kid all the way from Vanilla to now, this game is clearly a former shell of itself and it’s partly influenced by Acti-Blizzard moving the goal post as to what type of MTX/P2W model is acceptable followed by the player base becoming more accepting of the changes.

What happened to the days where people would complain up and down about a WoW Token?

I remember people were screaming in forums and reddit about how P2W this was and how this wasn’t what WoW was supposed to become, but here we are with the same generation of people who first fought back now giving in and actively supporting the system.

If we put aside the WoW token itself, look at the implications a system like this has caused.

There are reports of guilds who spend close to 30-40k USD to gear out their entire core using RMT/Tokens to buy tier gear.

Then look at streamers who don’t normally play WoW like Summit1G or TimTheTatMan who log in for the first week and instantly get invited to top raid guild slots to leech loot.

You don’t have to be famous to get that raid invite because that same guild is willing to let you come in if you pay in gold via GDKP or tokens.

That’s just one aspect of how toxic the relationship between the community and the company has gotten, but now we have a $20 micro transaction transmog you can get via the wings you can get by sub or straight swiping.

We have a MTX section in a game where people used to fight back at the smallest sign of any sort of P2W/Non-in game mechanics to earn loot.


The worst part is that when that $20 wing was announced, people justified by jumping through mental gymnastic loops:

1) It’s like a WoW classic sub for naxx 2) it’s 20 bucks, it’s cheaper than other games

Without realizing that it won’t just be wings, it’ll be more once they see people give into their first moving of the goal post.

And I could get into them dumbing down the gameplay to the point where all the classes are pretty much homogenized and play the same, stripping away what made it unique which is again then slowly moving the goal post since WoD and people being ok with it.

To me, WoW will always hold a special place in my heart because of the pure nostalgia it brings me but the reason why this game will continue to push towards more of the P2W/MTX and dumbed down gameplay model is because the player base is locked into an abusive relationship where they feel like they don’t have any power over the direction of the game so they’d rather start justifying all the goal post moves that Acti-Blizzard is making.

I know fighting back doesn’t seem reasonable because profits over humans right? But it really is just frustrating to remember the good times only to see them pass and people cheering it on with thunderous applause.

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