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This week in MMOs – Week 30

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This week in MMOS

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We’re testing out a new format for the weekly post and we’ll keep testing till it gets to be as good as it can, so let us know if this format is more readable and user friendly than the last.

Also I hate you Vindictus and your 13 stupid updates in one week!

AdventureQuest World(Click for more details)

July 20th – AQWorlds Patch Notes Several bugs were fixed

July 24th – Final Weekend: Unlock the Flameborn Summoner The seasonal set for July is the Flameborn + Underworld Summoner sets.

July 24th Tonight: The DOOM Continues… Doomwood part 2 this weekend + daily gift of dark spirit orbs and gold boost

July 24th – New Rare Set: Doom DragonSlayer New set available in your featured gear shop until August 31st

Aion (Click for more details)

Aion North America No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Aion Europe

July 24th – WEEKEND SPECIALS Marchutan’s Pyjama Party Box and Kaisinel’s Hermit Box available

Albion Online (Click for more details)

July 22nd – Rise of Avalon Launches August 12 Rise of Avalon update will bring massive new features including the Roads of Avalon, Corrupted Dungeons, Avalonian Weapons, and more.

July 22nd – Rise of Avalon Update Now on Staging Log into the Staging server and test out the new features coming with the next update!

July 23rd – Albion Online on GeForce Now It's official: Albion Online is now playable via the GeForce Now platform.

July 24th – Dev Talk: Roads of Avalon, Part 3 Our newest video discusses placing Hideouts and living within the Roads of Avalon.

Archeage (Click for more details)

July 23rd – Making a Splash! Marketplace Update, new pets, outfits, and more.

July 24th – Flash Sale: 30% Bonus for All Credit Packs! Purchase as many Credit Packs as you want from July 24 until July 27, 2020, and receive the 30% bonus on each one!

July 24th – The Double Event returns once again! From July 24th until July 27th, make sure to get the most out of your double loot drop rate, double vocation points, double experience points, and double honor

Ashes of Creation (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Black Desert Online (Click for more details)

July 22nd – Into the Unknown Mysterious Island and Pit of the undying events

July 22nd – Pearl Shop Update: Memories of Summer Cash shop update with upgrade materials on sale + Outfit sales

July 22nd – Trail of Summer Event for Kakao cash + other goodies

July 22nd – Play for a Free Game Pass Hit level 50 on a trial account and upgrade it to a permanent account

July 22nd – Patch Notes – 22nd July 2020 Massive list of changes and bug fixes

July 23rd – Tuvala Invitational PvP event + Tournament

July 24th – WEEKEND FLASH SALE: A Camp and a Keeper From Friday to Monday get special discounts

Blade & Soul (Click for more details)

July 21st – Dark Passage is Now Live! The newest update for Blade & Soul is now LIVE! Read through the patch notes for the latest changes.

July 22nd – Shining Summer Blessings Chest Now Available Cash shop update/Loot Box promotion

July 23rd – Hongmoon Store Update Cash shop update + Cash currency bonus till august 19th

Bless Unleashed (Click for more details)

July 21st – RELEASE NOTES New Events and Bug Fixes

July 22nd – PREPARE TO FIGHT! Bless Unleashed’s first competitive PvP Season is about to begin!


Corepunk (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Crowfall (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Destiny 2 (Click for more details)

July 22nd – THE OFFICIAL DESTINY COOKBOOK Bungie made a cookbook yo

July 23rd – DESTINY 2 COMING TO XBOX GAME PASS This fall D2 will be on Xbox Game Pass

July 23rd – THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE Destiny cookbook and more this week at Bungie

Dofus (Click for more details)

July 25th – 50% OFF ALL SERVICES From 7/25 to 7/26th enjoy a 50% discount on all services

Dungeon Fighter Online (Click for more details)

July 20th – Scheduled Maintenance Gunner (M) Neo Awakening and more

Elder Scrolls Online (Click for more details)

July 22nd – STORM A FORTRESS OF THE UNDEAD IN CASTLE THORN Content Preview – Stonethorn

July 22nd – ESO Live: July 24th – Character Pathing & Contest Winners Tune in to ESO Live this Friday to get an inside look at the new Homestead Character Pathing system coming with Update 27

July 23rd – MEET THE CHARACTER—ARKASIS Loredump and exposition

EVE Online (Click for more details)

July 21st – TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN Cool player made cemetery in game – worth the read!

EverQuest (Click for more details)

July 21st – EverQuest Special Release Vinyls are Live! Vinyls of the OST from Everquest are now available for a limited time

EverQuest2 (Click for more details)

July 22nd – Like the twisting hands of time, Tinkerfest returns! Store update and events

Final Fantasy XI (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Final Fantasy XIV (Click for more details)

July 20th – Letter from the Producer Live Part LIX URL Update Latest update from the FFXIV Dev Team – Watch it in the link below.

July 22nd – Patch 5.3─Reflections in Crystal Trailer is Now Live! Trailer for Reflections in Crystal

July 22nd – Important Announcement Regarding the Japanese Fan Festival Due to Covid-19 the festival has been canceled

Gloria Victis (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Guild Wars 2 (Click for more details)

July 21st – Voice Acting in Episode 4 of The Icebrood Saga Due to Covid-19, Jormag Rising will be released without voice acting

July 21st – Charge into Battle with the Wolfheart Sword and Shield Cash shop update + new Wolfheart sword + shield skin

July 23rd – Guild Chat: A New Claw of Jormag Latest episode of Guild Chat

July 24th – Knocking on Jormag’s Door peek into the development of the Assault on the Frost Citadel meta-event

MapleStory (Click for more details)

July 23rd – v.215 – Rise: Surge of Power Patch Notes Familiar system is back, and a massive list of bug fixes and some events

July 24th – NA Reboot Double Miracle Time Compensation Compensation for server instability

July 24th – What's Your MapleStory? – MagesticaIly Interview with a longtime player of the game

Mabinogi (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Neverwinter (Click for more details)

July 21st – 2x Icewind Dale Campaign Currency! This coming week, players will get double Icewind Dale Campaign currencies!

July 22nd – 2x Professions! morale costs will be halved, allowing you to do 2x as many profession tasks in a day.

July 23rd – 20% off Campaign Buyouts! 20% off Campaign Buyouts starts Thursday, July 23

July 23rd – Patch Notes: Version: NW.122.20200708b.4 Lots of small changes and bug fixes

July 23rd – Limited Time: Alpha Compy in Zen Market! The Alpha Compy companion is available in the Zen Market for a limited time!


July 23rd – 20% off Professions! This weekend – 20% off Professions sale in the Zen Market

July 23rd – Steam Publisher's Weekend Bonus Zen! Celebrate Summer on Steam with discounts or bonus Zen

Path of Exile (Click for more details)

July 20th – Angels and Demons Mystery Box Concept Art Amazing concept art dump for the A&D Mystery Box

July 21st – Developer Interview – Eben – Video Creation Interview with one of the employees at Grinding Gear Games

July 21st – The Labrador Pet Labrador pet is now available

July 22nd – Harvest Fan Art Competition Highlights Highlights of submissions from the ongoing fan art competition

July 22nd – The Seraph Banner Back Attachment New back attachment is now available

July 23rd – The Infernal Quiver and Wolf Howl Warcray Infernal quiver to match the infernal bow skin

July 24th – Development Stories: Timelines & Retcons Developer’s thoughts on how they go about adding to the story of PoE

July 24th – New Void Emperor Wings and Weekend Sales Cash shop update and new skin for wings

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Phantasy Star Online 2 (Click for more details)

July 20th – CAMPAIGN: DAILY LOG-IN REWARDS! free EXP 100,000 TICKETS to those who log in from July 22nd to July 29th

July 20th – CAMPAIGN: QUEST TRIGGER DISTRIBUTION Free Defense Op: Ending Trigger will be handed out from July 22nd to August 21st

July 22nd – FUN SCRATCH TICKET: JULY 2020 – PART 2 New FUN Scratch lineup

July 22nd – CAMPAIGN: CLEAR ULTIMATE QUESTS! Event : Ultimate quests and rare drop rate boosted

July 22nd – PSO2 DAY: PREMIUM USER APPRECIATION DAY Premium users receive a boost and 2x SG 22 Ticket

July 22nd – URGENT QUESTS & CONCERTS: JULY 2020 – PART 2 Update to Urgent Quests and In game concert dates

July 22nd – LAST CHANCE TO GRAB THE RAGOL FASHION PACK! The Ragol Fashion Pack and Ragol Edition offers end this July

July 22nd – FRESH FINDS SHOP: RECOMMENDED ITEMS Cash shop update – new apparel in the shop

July 22nd – AC SCRATCH TICKET: SHINING HEROES Spend cash for a chance to earn cash outfits based on the shining series of games

July 23rd – PSO2: NGS ANNOUNCEMENT CELEBRATION Log-in to receive up to 5,000,000 EXP in tickets and many other fantastic prizes!

July 23rd – ANNOUNCING PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS Game announcement post with details about the game

July 24th – CASINO BOOSTS Higher chance to win and better rewards at the casino during limited hours

Project Gorgon (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Realm of the Mad God (Click for more details)

July 22nd – Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes Oryx’s Sanctuary is officially out – lots more details in the link below

RuneScape (Click for more details)

July 20th – THIS WEEK IN RUNESCAPE Summer events and more

July 22nd – Interface Scaling & Camera Offset Beta Interface Scaling is now on a RuneScape beta world for you to try!

Skyforge (Click for more details)

July 20th – Atlas Node Contest: Winners Winners announced for May’s Atlas Node Contest!

July 21st – Invasion Pass Progress Sale Cash shop sale on progress points

July 22nd – MY.GAMES Market: Worker Bee Pack** Bee companion on sale now

Star Trek Online (Click for more details)

July 20th – Mudd Has Faith of the Heart! Cash shop special pack on sale

July 22nd – PC Patch Notes for 7/23/20 Minor fixes in the game

July 23rd – Bonus Dilithium Weekend! Get 50-100% bonus dilithium from july 23rd to 27th

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Click for more details)

July 21st – SWTOR is on Steam! The game is on steam yo!

Star Citizen (Click for more details)

July 22nd – TRACKER: Paul LeSalle’s Plan for the UEE Giant lore dump

July 24th – Inside Star Citizen Star Citizen Devs talk about the game’s development

July 24th – Star Citizen Live: All About Alpha 3.10 Dev’s talk about Alpha 3.10

July 24th – Roadmap Roundup Minor changes and delays explained

July 25th – Intragalactic Cook-off 2950 Cookbook Recipes created by the players inspired by the game

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea (Click for more details)

July 21st – Summerfest2020 Two Summer events available till August 11st

The Lord of the Rings Online (Click for more details)

No new updates from July 19th – 26th

Tibia (Click for more details)

July 21st – Bugfixes and Content Changes Several fixes and changes listed in the post

July 22nd – New Retro Hardcore PvP Game Worlds On July 29th two new Retro Hardcore PvP Game Worlds will launch

July 23rd – Result of Fugue Exploit Investigation An exploit allowed players to farm a boss more than intended

Tree of Savior (Click for more details)

July 20th – Special Flight Package Cash shop special until August 11st

July 21st – Winners: MusCATeers Second Event Check out the winners and their winning screenshots

July 24th – List of Issues: July 24 List of known issues and what is and isn’t a bug.

Trove (Click for more details)

July 24th – Stay Cool Sales Until July 28, 2020! Cash shop update

July 24th – Luxion is back until July 27! Luxion’s loot is a way for players who missed limited-time items in the past to pick them up.

Vindictus (Click for more details)

July 20th – Channels for Event Selected! YouTubers selected for the YouTuber Support Event

July 20th – Lethor Update New Character Teaser – Lethor

July 20th – v.2.66 Updates Lethor now playable

July 20th – Elite Crystal Loot box promotion – chance at some outfits

July 20th – Cool Summer Comrade Package New Cash Shop Outfits

July 20th – Lethor Avatar Shop Update & More Bunch of cosmetics available for new Lethor class in the cash shop

July 20th – Summer 2020 Hot & Golden Time Event Summer Sales and free boosts

July 20th – Diligent Daily Missions Event! Event – Clear dailies, get extra rewards

July 20th – Let's Go Together! Event Event – play with your guild and get buffs/outfit

July 20th – Sprouting Together Event Event to help new and existing players grow and some nice rewards

July 20th – Let’s go, Lethor! Level Up! Leveling even for new playable class

July 20th – Royal Army & Abyssal Arena's Secret Box Event – Arena and Royal Army special rewards

July 20th – Round & Round Raid Dice Game Event Event – Clear content, get dice, roll and get rewards

July 20th – Lethor's Celebratory Package Event Event – Get the new class’s outfit for free for logging on

Wakfu (Click for more details)

July 23rd – THE EXPERIMENTATION EMOTE IS IN THE SHOP! New Emote available in the cash shop

Warframe (Click for more details)

July 20th – WARFRAME: HEART OF DEIMOS Catch the full reveal during TennoLive and get Hydroid Prime free

World of Warcraft (Click for more details)

July 21st – Weekly Bonus Event: Battlegrounds Get extra honor in the battlegrounds this week

July 21st – Jump Into This Week’s PvP Brawl: Packed House Brawl PvP Event Details

July 21st – Weekly Bonus Event: Warlords of Draenor Timewalking Players level 101+ can participate in six Warlords of Draenor dungeons for special loot

July 22nd – Get Your Groove On During the Auction House Dance Party Micro-Holiday July 22! Event – Auction house dance party details

July 23rd – Time Runs Short: Battle for Azeroth List of rewards that will become harder/impossible to obtain once shadowlands hits.

July 24th – Hotfixes: July 23, 2020 List of hotfixes

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