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This week in MMOs – Week 31

Gamingtodaynews1e - This week in MMOs - Week 31

This week in MMOS

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AdventureQuest World

July 24th – Tonight: The DOOM Continues… Doomwood event continues + dark spirit orbs and gold boost

July 24th – New Rare Set: Doom DragonSlayer New set available for adventure coins

July 27th – AQWorlds Patch Notes Bug fixes and art fixes

July 31st – DoomWood Saga: the Heir of Destiny XP Boost + New gacha items + upcoming august content

August 1st – Unlock the Urban Street Gear August seasonal pack is urban street gear

August 1st – Members: Get your free Treasure Chest keys Login and get free stuff


Aion North America

July 28th – Aetherforge Masters Event Stigma enchanting boost + crafting event for special gear

Aion Europe

July 31st – WEEKEND SPECIALS Stigma sales

Albion Online

August 1st – Claim Your Ironjaw Hyena Mount Skin Refer someone – get a mount

August 1st – The Divine Challenge Returns with a New Mount Event – do dailies, get an owl mount


July 27th – Sign Up for Monthly Progress Newsletter for your ArcheAge Character! Newsletter with stats of what your main has done

July 29th – Event Timer Changes for EU Servers Event times moved 2 hours back

July 30th – ArcheAge: Unchained – Summer Deals: Discounted Garden of the Gods DLC Packs DLC Sale

July 30th – ArcheAge & ArcheAge: Unchained – Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary New content teaser

July 31st – Sail the Seas, Reach for the Sky, and Defend your Land Big cash shop sale

Ashes of Creation

July 31st – JULY DEVELOPMENT UPDATE AND EARLY GATHERING FOOTAGE Gathering and dev update video

Black Desert Online

July 27th – Graduating Early from the Summer Season Server Starting aug 5 you can convert season characters to normal characters

July 27th – The Early End of the Summer Season and Coming of Hashashin August 26th end of season sever + sept 2 hashashin release date

July 29th – The Cursed Hero Netflix collab event based on the show cursed

July 29th – Pearl Shop Update: Triple Premium Outfit Box Regular weekly cash shop update + expansion slot discount

July 29th – Patch Notes – 29th July 2020 New events + quest ui update + class balancing

July 30th – Heidel Ball: AT Home – Global Q&A ENG Part 3 QnA post

Blade & Soul

No new updates from July 26th – Aug 1st

Bless Unleashed

July 28th – RELEASE NOTES: 7/28/2020 Events ended + New event + bug fixes

July 28th – NEW BLESS UNLEASHED PREFERRED CONTENT CREATORS Bless approved streamers/content creators list

July 30th – RELEASE NOTES: 7/30/2020 Minor changes + bug fixes


No new updates from July 26th – August 1st


No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Destiny 2

July 28th – DUNGEON DIVING: PROPHECY Devs share about their process

July 30th – THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 7/30/2020 Hotfixes incoming + assorted news

July 31st – COMMUNITY FOCUS: DESTINYTHEMEME Interview with a destiny meme account from twitter


July 27th – DUNGEON RUSHER REWIND: FRAKTAL Fraktal can be challenges for a limited time

July 29th – SUMMER SALES: SECOND MARK-DOWN! Cash shop items are on sale

July 30th – CLASS PACK – XELOR Cash outfit + mount outfit available

July 31st – THE 6-MONTH PACK HAS ARRIVED IN THE SHOP! 6th month sub pack available

Dungeon Fighter Online

No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Elder Scrolls Online

July 27th – ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE ESO GREYMOOR HOUSING CONTEST Housing contest winners announced ( obviously )

July 30th – CHECK OUT ESO DURING QUAKECON AT HOME! Giveaways and free pets during QuakeCon livestream

EVE Online

July 27th – COMBAT COMMAND UPDATE NOW LIVE Command ships updated

July 30th – SUMMER SKIN SALE – 30% OFF Skins on sale yo!



No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

EverQuest 2

No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Final Fantasy XI

No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Final Fantasy XIV

July 27th – Announcing the "Everything’s on the Line!" Screenshot Contest! Screenshot contest (duh!)

July 27th – Join us for Duty Commenced on July 31! July 31st livestream details

July 28th – The Feast Season Fifteen Ending Soon! 15th season of the feast ends aug 4th

July 28th – Collector’s Edition Digital Upgrade Sale Upgrade your account to collector’s edition for 50% off

July 28th – Announcing the Adventurer Celebration Sale! Cash shop sale

July 28th – The Moonfire Faire Returns on August 12! Moonfire event returns – get a nice summer outfit

July 30th – Patch 5.3─Reflections in Crystal Site Update previews of Faux Hollows and the Akh Afah Amphitheatre

Gloria Victis

No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Guild Wars 2

July 28th – “Jormag Rising” is Live Episode 4 of The Icebrood Saga is live

July 28th – Ferocious and Fiery Goods in Black Lion Chests Cash shop sale

July 29th – Win a Custom Guild Wars 2 Gaming PC from Origin PC Contest to win a nice pc with GW2 art on the side panels. Looks dope.


July 30th – Guild Chat: “Jormag Rising” Friday livestream announcement


July 29th – Cash Shop Update for July 29 Cash shop sale


No new updates from July 26th – August 1st


July 28th – 15% off Keys! Sale on keys … what did you expect?

July 29th – 2x Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Currency! Get double ToD currency from jul 30th to aug 6th

July 30th – Limited Time Astral Lockbox! Lootbox on sale

July 30th – Height of Summer! Double petal rewards and cash shop sale

July 30th – Patch Notes: Version: NW.122.20200708b.8 Balancing and drop rate changes

Path of Exile

July 27th – Path of Exile Then and Now A retrospective on the game’s development with some awesome screenshots

July 27th – Clockwork Golem Pets New pets available yo

July 28th – Harvest Fan Art Competition Highlights Featured fan art from the ongoing competition

July 28th – Karui Bow and Quiver New bow and quiver skin in the cash shop

July 29th – Harvest Statistics: Challenges and Seeds Stats on the harvest… Yeah IDK

July 29th – The Infernal Demon King Portal New portal skins in the cash shop

July 30th – 3.11.1D Patch Notes Preview Minor bug fixes mostly

July 31st – Developer Interview – Jeff – Console Producer Interview with Jeff the console producer

July 31st – Huge Sale on Weapons and Shields – Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points Cash shop sale

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Phantasy Star Online 2

July 27th – CAMPAIGN: GET FREE SG! Get free SG tickets

July 27th – FUN SCRATCH TICKET: JULY 2020 – PART 3 Lootbox promotion

July 27th – AC SCRATCH TICKET: SEASIDE VACATION More lootbox promotion

July 27th – CAMPAIGN: CLEAR ULTIMATE QUESTS! (7/29) 2X drop event

July 28th – PSO2: STEAM LAUNCH REWARDS Play through Steam get special rewards like a half life outfit

July 28th – WHAT’S NEW IN EPISODE 4 Content preview

July 31st – AC SHOP SALE (8/1) Cash shop promotion

August 1st – PSO2 DAY: AUGUST 2020 Free boosts event

August 1st – RESET ALL SKILL TREES PASS DISTRIBUTION (8/5) Free skill reset

Project Gorgon

No new updates from July 26th – August 1st

Realm of the Mad God

August 1st – Oryx 3 Updates and Ancient Ruins Upcoming changes to Oryx’s Sanctuary


July 27th – This Week In RuneScape Weekly recap of game news, bug fixes and community highlights


July 27th – Mechanoid Madness Prize Draw: Winners Winners announced for the mechanoid madness event

July 29th – Gorgonide invasion is underway! Seasonal challenges announcement

July 30th – MY.GAMES Market: Greenwood Box & Surf's Up Box Cash shop update

Star Trek Online

July 27th – Save 25% on Keys and a Key Ring Bundle! Keys on sale

July 28th – Return to Risa! Summer event

July 29th – Resist the Borg! Borg event

July 29th – PC Patch Notes for 7/30/20 Minor bug fix

July 30th – Command the Risian Weather Control Vessel! Event ship obtainable

Star Wars: The Old Republic

July 28th – Ranked Season 13 Begins New ranked season has started

Star Citizen

July 27th – This Week in Star Citizen Weekly recap

July 29th- Lost Squad: "Before the Fall" Act 3 Script for the video “Before the Fall”

July 31st – TRANSMISSION Video about mining vehicles

July 31st – Jump Point Now Available! Digital magazine release

July 31st – Roadmap Roundup – July 31st 2020 Decision making explanation on changes to the game

August 1st – TRANSMISSION Video about the Stanton System

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

July 30th – TERA Battle Arena Coming Soon Tera themed team based battle game

The Lord of the Rings Online

July 29th – Tournament of the Twins – Register of Heroes List of heroes from the recent tournament

July 31st – The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 169 Community news


July 28th – Bugfixes, Content Changes, Balancing Changes Literally in the title

July 31st – Double Loot Weekend Ditto

Tree of Savior

July 27th – Winners: Keep Calm and Gear Up! Winners announced for TOS Task Force event

July 27th – Weekend Burning in August! Weekend 2x XP event

July 27th – Pocket Wig Package Cash shop promotion

July 28th – Personal House UCC Event Housing event

July 29th – Upcoming: New Season Server! Pre-Register and Get Rewards! Pre-registration event for season server

July 31st – Coming Soon: World Map Update World map update preview video


July 27th – Splash, splash, splash! Screenshot contest

July 29th – Great Vanguardian Super Summer Sale! Cash shop promotion


No new updates from July 26th – Aug 1st


July 29th – SUMMER SALES: SECOND MARK-DOWN! Cash shop discount

July 29th – SURVEY: A NAME FOR YOUR SERVERS! Server merge naming event

July 30th – SPEEDSTER MOUNT SKIN Cash shop promotion

July 31st – BOSS SMASHER: ROYAL PUDDLY Event dungeon


July 30th – LAST CHANCE FOR THE TENNOCON 2020 DIGITAL PACK Cash shop promotion

July 30th – HOW TO PREPARE FOR TENNOCON 2020 Tennocon info dump

August 1st – DELVE INTO HEART OF DEIMOS Tennocon recap

World of Warcraft

July 28th – Jump Into This Week’s PvP Brawl: Classic Ashran Weekly pvp event details

July 28th – Weekly Bonus Event: Battle for Azeroth Dungeons Do BFA dungeons and get nice loot

July 28th – WoW Classic: The Ahn’Qiraj War Effort Has Begun! Gathering event

July 31st – Hotfixes: July 31, 2020 Minor hotfixes

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