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This week in MMOs – Week 32

Gamingtodaynews1g - This week in MMOs - Week 32

This week in MMOS

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AdventureQuest World

August 4th – The BugHunters are recruiting Looking for players to assist the QA team find bugs

August 7th – NecroTech Knight Upgrade Bonus New set available when you spend $10 or more

August 7th – Demon Queen Boss Battle Indonesian independence day event


Aion North America

August 5th – Frosty Fever Event Summer PvE event – get loot or buffs

Aion Europe

August 5th – THE GREAT DAEVANION EVENT Event – higher chance to upgrade daevanion gear

August 5th – REVENGE OF THE GRANKER KING Event – kill special mobs in gelk/ing and get loot

August 7th – WHEEL OF DESTINY Loot box promotion

August 7th – WEEKEND SPECIALS Cash shop promotion

Albion Online

August 4th – New Player Video Guides AO mod created YT ch that answers common questions

August 5th – Guild Spotlight: Victi Omnes Interview with a guild

August 5th – First Look: The Rogue Adventurer Bundle Promotion for a new cash shop outfit and mount set

August 6th – Watch the Crystal League Finals on AlbionTV Guild season is coming to an end

August 7th – The Offseason Crystal Tournament is Coming Tournament announcement


August 6th – ArcheAge: Discounted Garden of the Gods Packages Cash shop sale on Garden of the Gods packs

August 7th – Up, Up and Away We Go! Cash shop update

Ashes of Creation

August 2nd – Ashes of Creation Coloring Book Downloadable coloring book

August 3rd – BOONS OF THE WAVEBORN Cash shop promotion

Black Desert Online

August 5th – Loyal Attendance Rewards Refreshed Daily attendance rewards have been changed

August 5th – Pearl Shop Update: Enhancement Pack Cash shop update + new cash shop outfit available

August 5th – Patch Notes – 5th August 2020 Bug fixes, events and class balancing

August 5th – Great Summer Festival Summer event

Blade & Soul

August 3rd – August Hongmoon Store Update Cash shop update

Bless Unleashed

August 4th – WEEKLY EVENT AUGUST 3 – 10 2X drop rate, and mount taming success event


No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th


August 7th – Crowfall Beta is Coming August 11 – Prepare for Battle! Signup now for a chance to access a closed beta test

Destiny 2

August 4th – DESTINY 2 HOTFIX Minor bug fixes August 6th – THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 8/06/20 Weekly recap

August 7th – COMMUNITY FOCUS: DREXIS Interview with Drexis


August 5th – SUMMER SALES: FINAL MARK-DOWN! Merch store discount

August 5th – ANKAMA LAUNCHER: NEW INTERFACE FOR ALL YOUR GAMES! Revamped game launcher is available

August 7th – ANKAMA LIVE: DOFUS RETRO SPECIAL EDITION Livestream and in-game event details

August 7th – THE RETURN OF GROZILLA AND GRASMERA Monster hunt event

August 7th – INTERNATIONAL BOW MEOW DAY! International cat day event – screenshot contest

Dungeon Fighter Online

August 4th – DFO Content Creator Guidelines Guidelines for content creators

Dungeon and Dragons Online

August 3rd – DDO Screenshot of the Week #475 Weekly screenshot highlight

Elder Scrolls Online

Cash shop sale

August 6th – ANNOUNCING ESO’S NEXT-GEN SUPPORT PS5 and Xbox SX will be supported

August 6th – SAVE UP TO 50% AND PLAY FREE DURING QUAKECON AT HOME Free play week and discount on cash shop currency

EVE Online

August 4th – METALIMINAL STORMS – NEW UPDATE Spacestorms will appear at random in nullsec space

August 6th – SLICE OF LIFE Upcoming stream promotion and PvP event details

August 7th – FOUNDATION DAY EVENT IS LIVE Login, get free stuff

August 7th – NEW ABYSSAL PROVING GROUNDS EVENT PvP event details

August 7th – UPCOMING ABYSSAL PROVING GROUNDS EVENTS Upcoming PvP event details


No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

EverQuest 2

No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

Final Fantasy XI

August 3rd – Unveiling The Voracious Resurgence Special Website! Special site is up for a new storyline in the world of Vana’diel

August 5th – The Sunbreeze Festival Summer event is back

August 7th – Discount Campaign Get the game along with all the expansions for $9.99 USD

August 7th – Return home to Vana’diel campaign Returning players event

August 7th – Presenting a New Wallpaper Commemorating The Voracious Resurgence! Download a new wallpaper by Akihiro Yamada

Final Fantasy XIV

August 3rd – Watch the Latest Installment of Duty Commenced US team’s live stream.

August 3rd – FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Released! Wallpapers release for mobile and desktop

August 3rd – Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LIX Digest Released Dev talk replay available

August 5th – Changes to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition Heavensward added to the starter edition

August 5th – Changes to A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quest Requirements Store progression in the base game has been updated

August 6th – Patch 5.3─Reflections in Crystal Site Update Teaser site updated

August 7th – Patch 5.3 Notes (Preliminary) Patch notes for upcoming 5.3 patch

Gloria Victis

No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

Guild Wars 2

August 4th – Festival of the Four Winds 2020 Begins Next Week Annual summer event returns

August 4th – Cool Off under Your Ice Reaver Cape Cash shop update

August 7th – World vs. World Weeklong Bonus Returns August 14 PvP channel event


August 3rd – Nexon Merch Store is Back! Get MS merchandise on Amazon


August 5th – Cash Shop Update for August 5 Cash shop sale/new item rotation


August 3rd – Community Livestream – 'P.E.T. Part 2' Update Preview Livestream that shows off the PET Part 2 update

August 4th – Art Corner – 2nd Edition Fan art highlight


August 5th – 2x Underdark Campaign Currency! Double currency drop event

August 6th – Limited Time Magnificent Keyring! Lootbox promotion

August 7th – Updated Roadmap Q&A Stream – August 11, 2020 Roadmap Q&A Stream on Aug 11th

Path of Exile

August 3rd – Our 3.12 Expansion Timeline Dates for upcoming content

August 3rd – Afterlife cat pet New cash shop pet available

August 4th – Harvest fan art competition highlights Featured fan art from ongoing competition

August 4th – Undead outcast helmet skin New cash shop item

August 5th – Harvest statistics: crafts, lifeforce and the avatar of the grove Stats on the most used crafts

August 5th – Doomcrow wings New cash shop item

August 6th – Community Organized Event – 8 Day Racing Gauntlet Starts on August 22nd! Racing event

August 6th – Automation lightning armour set New cash shop outfit

August 7th – Community showcase Fan art highlight

August 7th – New Skill Effects and Super Stash Sale New cash shop cosmetics

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

Phantasy Star Online 2

August 3rd – FUN SCRATCH TICKET: AUGUST 2020 – PART 1 Lootbox promotion August 3rd – MISSION PASS: SEASON 6 Monthly achievement system rewards

August 3rd – AC SCRATCH TICKET: MAESTRO SUMMONER Lootbox promotion

August 4th – PSO2 ON STEAM: BONUS LOGIN REWARDS! Bonuses for logging in through steam

August 4th – CAMPAIGN: JOIN AN ALLIANCE! (8/5) Join an alliance, get rewards


August 4th – LEVEL UP FASTER WITH BONUS QUESTS! Leveling event

August 4th – CAMPAIGN: WELCOME BACK TO PSO2! Returning player event

August 5th – URGENT QUESTS & CONCERTS: AUGUST 2020 – PART 1 Event

August 5th – NEW URGENT QUEST: BEACH WARS! Summer event

August 5th – BEACH WARS BEACH-WEAR! Summer cash shop promotion

August 5th – NEW REWARDS BUNDLE FOR XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE MEMBERS! Xbox game pass ultimate members will get rewards

August 5th – NEW EPISODE 4 LAUNCH BUNDLES! Cash shop bundles

August 5th – SUMMER IN PSO2! Summer event details

August 5th – PSO2: STEAM LAUNCH REWARDS Rewards for playing through steam

August 5th – CASINO BOOSTS & BONUSES! (8/8) Casino promotion

Project Gorgon

No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

Realm of the Mad God

August 4th – AuguST ST STreak – x1.5 XP and droprates! Discord Q&A! Janus is there too. 1.5x event

August 5th – Patch Notes – Oryx changes, Discord Nitro Boosting Rewards and more Patch notes… duh


August 3rd – THIS WEEK IN RUNESCAPE Weekly digest

August 7th – Double XP LIVE has begun! 2x exp event


August 4th – Ready Player Sun: Free Gift & 30% Off Sale! Freebies and 30% off on the cash shop

August 5th – Sale: Hall of Trophies – August 5, 2020 Trophy sale

Star Trek Online

August 3rd – Free Lower Decks Duty Officers! Get officers from the new show to join your crew

August 3rd – PC and Console Patch Notes for 8/4/20 Events, balancing and minor fixes

August 5th – PC Patch Notes for 8/6/20 bug fixes

Star Wars: The Old Republic

August 3rd – SWTOR In-Game Events for August New events

Star Citizen

August 3rd – August 3rd – This Week in Star Citizen Weekly insight

August 4th – Portfolio: Otoni Group Lore


August 5th – ALPHA 3.10 FLIGHT & FIGHT Patch highlights

August 6th – Star Citizen Monthly Report: July 2020 Monthly update on development

August 7th – TRANSMISSION Inside star citizen stream PTU

August 7th – TRANSMISSION Weapons creation process

August 7th – Roadmap Roundup – August 7th, 2020 Dev decision insights

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

August 3rd – Get ready for TERA in 64-bit! 64bit tera client coming soon

August 3rd – Get Ready to Mask Up! Buy digital masks and support real doctors

August 6th – TERA Battle Arena Update: Gameplay Patch preview

The Lord of the Rings Online

August 4th – UPDATE 27.2 RELEASE NOTES Content update

August 7th – The LTRO Beacon Issue 170 Community spotlight


No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

Tree of Savior

August 3rd – Medeina's FLEX BOX Do content, get boxes, open for loot

August 3rd – Summer TOSventure Event Summer event

August 4th – Like & Comment Event: ToS Task Force is back with Second Event! Facebook event

August 4th – World Map Reorganization World map update preview

August 4th – Update Plans for the Second Half of 2020 Update plans

August 5th – New Original Sound Tracks Available – August OST Video


August 4th – Take the Lunar Plunge until August 18 Event

August 4th – Dive into Deals for Lunar Plunge until August 18 Cash shop promotion

August 7th – Luxion’s First Arrival in August – Lasts until Aug. 10 Luxion’s store refresh


No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th


August 5th – SUMMER SALES: FINAL MARK-DOWN! Merch store discount


August 6th – SHELLS AND CRUSTACEANS PACK Cash shop promotion


No new updates from August 2nd – August 8th

World of Warcraft

August 3rd – WoW Classic Ahn’Qiraj: The Scarab Lords are Rising! Join the war effort

August 4th – The Pet Battle Bonus Event Has Begun! Pet PvP event

August 4th – Jump Into This Week’s PvP Brawl: Hotmogu Weekly PvP rotation

August 4th – Explore the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj Raid content available

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