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Thoughts on 3D All Stars from the original hardware to the Switch

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Super Mario 64 – I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Mario 64. I would’ve preferred this game be remade in some way (preferably Odyssey’s engine). That being said, for what it is, I think they did a good job transitioning it from N64 to Switch. Textures look better and models look cleaned up. I just wish Nintendo added widescreen and 60fps support. While I’m still not a fan of Mario 64’s controls, they feel pretty faithful to the N64. I’m glad Nintendo inverted the x-axis for the camera because it works better with a joystick (though the camera still moves in increments unfortunately). The original camera controls definitely feel like they were made for the N64 controller’s c buttons as opposed to a modern right thumb stick. I would have preferred this game to be widescreen and run at 1080p60. If you want to have the best experience possible with Mario 64, I recommend using an original N64 with a Retro Bit Tribute 64 (or some other controller) hooked up to an EON Super 64 and an mClassic (or if you’re a real purist, hook up an original N64 and an original controller to a CRT TV for that authentic Christmas 1996 feel).

Super Mario Sunshine – This game definitely feels the best out of the 3. The camera is leagues better than 64’s camera and wall jumps actually work. My biggest complaint is that you can’t use a GameCube controller with the adapter. It’s absolutely silly that Nintendo made a GameCube controller adapter for Switch and won’t let you use it for a GameCube game. That being said, the Pro Controller still works great for the game. FLUDD being remapped to the ZR and R buttons really helps. The only problems are that the aiming controls are inverted compared to the original and you can’t control FLUDD’s intensity anymore. Other than that, they did a good job with this one. While I’d still rather play this on an original GameCube/Wii with a GameCube controller (or in my case, on a Wii U with Nintendon’t), this is still a lot of fun.


Super Mario Galaxy – This is the worst one in the collection. I didn’t know how Nintendo would bring Galaxy to the Switch considering that on the Wii, it used the sensor bar for pointer controls, meaning you didn’t need to calibrate the Wii Remote as long as you had the sensor bar hooked up properly. However, the Switch doesn’t have an IR sensor like the Wii, so you have to use the gyro controls in the Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller. The problem now is the pointer constantly gets off-center, so you have to keep calibrating the controller (luckily it’s very easy, just press R). I don’t recommend using a Pro Controller for Galaxy. The reason Galaxy originally used a Wii Remote and Nunchuck was so you can use the joystick to move independently from the pointer. If you use a Pro Controller, you have to move the whole Pro Controller to collect star bits, which feels really awkward. While the Joy Cons are better than the Pro Controller for this game, the Joy Cons don’t feel nearly as comfortable in the hands as a Wii Remote and a Nunchuck. Handheld mode is even worse. You have to use the touch screen to collect star bits. That makes it a huge pain, since you have to constantly take your hand on and off the controller. Nintendo should have mapped the pointer to the right stick and let you control the camera with the D-pad (it wouldn’t be the most ideal, but there’s no good way to use pointer controls on the Switch). The one good thing about this is they let you use Y to shake. Visually, the game looks great, but Galaxy already looked beautiful on the Wii. I’m not surprised anymore that Nintendo didn’t put Galaxy 2 in this collection. Controlling Yoshi would be a nightmare on the Switch. Honestly, if you want to play Galaxy, get a Wii and a Wii2hdmi adapter or just play it on a Wii U like I do.

I’d give this collection a 3/5. Overall, while this collection isn’t amazing, Mario 64 and Sunshine are still fun to play. If you just want to play the games with no fuss and without worrying about using different systems, this is the collection for you. However, if you want the best experience possible, I recommend using the original hardware. What are your thoughts?

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