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Thoughts on Halloween Forever – a short, $4.99 2D platformer with a ton of bosses and retro graphics.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Thoughts on Halloween Forever - a short, $4.99 2D platformer with a ton of bosses and retro graphics.

This game was pretty fun, though it is short even for a $4.99 game. It will likely take you between 20 to 60 minutes. The hook of the game is to play through it again with the characters you unlock – of which there are eight. The game is very punishing, with the default settings only granting you three lives and forcing you to continue at the beginning of the level regardless of how far you made it. You don't even get a health refill when you beat a stage's mid-boss. If you die? You have to start the whole game over. Lives are rare too – I only got two in my first playthrough.

For those not looking to repeat content numerous times, you can go to the "Config" part of the main menu and enable 99 lives and friendly continues. This disables trophies, but you can still unlock characters. While I only made it to the second of five stages my first time before changing the default settings, I was able to get to the fourth stage when I unlocked the witch on my next no-cheats attempt.

The actual platforming is pretty run of the mill, no stages really stand out as particularly impressive. There is some major annoyance with off screen traps. This is why I recommend running through the game with 99 lives first, even if you are a trophy hunter – it's better to get a feel for the game first so you don't have to restart as many times.


So the platforming isn't all that great, but that's okay, because the bosses make up for it. There's only five stages with two bosses per stage – that's 10 bosses total in the course of about half an hour. Their designs are very striking – they are all large, creepy beasts. You have one move to take these beasts down – you fire a projectile from your character. Pumpkin Man vomits candy corn with a short range, while Ms. Witch throws cats with a wide range who then run around on the ground attacking enemies (she makes the game much easier, and I am sure there are other characters with more beneficial moves than the default Pumpkin Man). This is the most boss-dense platformer I have ever played. These bosses are fairly formulaic however, as you will adapt to their few patterns pretty quickly. I think this was necessary to make the default three lives mode realistic to beat without putting too much time into it though.

Overall I would say I'm happy I purchased and played through the game. The short length might turn some people off if you don't care to replay the game with different characters, however I've bought coffee more expensive than $4.99 and that lasted shorter than even this game. I would say trophy hunters would like this game the most since it does give a difficult but realistic challenge. The one heart challenge (typically you have five) seems like it could stop a lot of people in their tracks, but I could see it as feasible if you unlock more characters that are even better than Ms. Witch.

Has anyone else played this game? If so, what did you think about it?

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