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Thoughts on SWTOR from a first time player

Gamingtodaynews1g - Thoughts on SWTOR from a first time player

My husband and I started watching the Mandalorian about three weeks ago, and as we expected, it got is really wanting to dig into some Star Wars lore (canon or non-canon), and we are both avid MMORPG players. We had heard of SWTOR and honestly heard a lot of mixed things, like pay-to-win features and lots of microtransactions. Despite this, we decided to jump in and try it anyway.

Now let me preface this by saying we play Final Fantasy XIV a lot, and we run a very active and successful Free Company there, and we have played WoW up until about a month after BFA dropped, so we’re not new to the genre or how MMOs work in general. We decided that if we enjoyed this game, it would be our “vacation” game, where we leave the responsibilities of savage raiding and guild leading behind just to escape somewhere else together and have a good time. And boy did we make the right choice.

We made our characters, a Sith Inquisitor and an Imperial Agent. We decided we wanted to co-op as much as possible and treat it as if we’re the only people playing (within our power anyway), we turned off chat, turned off guild invites and decided that when dungeons came, we’d take our companions with us since we read that we could do that. At first the game seemed clunky, and we weren’t sure if we’d stick to it. But after the first few hours of gaining our bearings and really exploring what the game has to offer, we fell in love with the experience, even as free players.


If you’re an MMORPG fan, I’m sure you know already that SWTOR has exceptional storytelling for the genre. The fully voiced cutscenes and quests as well as the interactive conversations really impressed us. Once we realized that we could do all quests (even the class ones) together and actually see our characters taking part in them, it made it that much better. Being a dark side duo that goes around just being evil has been some great fun and we’ve had some laughs. Tackling the dungeons as a duo and figuring out boss mechanics by utilizing our companions has been a lot of fun as well.

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We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the game and if you are ever looking to have a co-op experience with someone or even a single player one, I fully recommend this game. It may not be the most polished and it has some really weird microtransactions (pay to hide your helm?), but it has been nothing short of a good time. We actually plan on subscribing just to really flesh the experience out.

If you’re someone that is wanting to go in and have others to play with; I don’t think you have to worry there, either. We’ve seen hundreds of players in every zone with multiple instances due to population. The Imperial Fleet had 3 instances just yesterday with 150-200 people per instance, so it certainly wasn’t dead on our server.

If you’ve been on the fence about checking it out, look no further! It’s worth it just for the stories alone. As far as endgame goes, we don’t plan on getting into anything too serious as we have FFXIV for that.

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