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TIBIA – Old School times BEST PVP MMO EVER!

Gamingtodaynews1b - TIBIA - Old School times BEST PVP MMO EVER!

TIBIA – Old School

This is the one Truly took your breath away whoever played it in its prime.

TL;DR at the End

1 .

Open World Semi-Loot to Full Loot System with XP and Skill Loss at death with infinite level progression

There is nothing like adventuring the game and being actually scared of dying, when you died you lost a BUNCH of experience and skills. One death was equivalent of 1-3 days of heavy grinding. If you were higher level possibly up to 10+ days worth of grinding, Death in this game was actually like getting a huge smack in the face… And you re-spawn in the temple with a level or two less, loss of skills and no Inventory, so you had to refill your healing runes … and hope to god that someone has not found and looted your body, while you run back. At higher levels you could buy an Amulet of Loss that would prevent any item loss but that was super expensive ! So if you died you lost your all INVENTORY on you and possibly EVEN your EQUIPMENT. All your runes to heal, attack and support, all your gold on hand, and whatever else is in your Inventory (Backpack). The higher the level you where the more you lost…

And monsters in this game are REALLY OP if you are exploring, no Ones forgets there first dragon… you get 2 shot…and go WTF was that! So exploring in this game was the best part and PVE was very challenging and if you venture in a new cave… ohh boy that feeling of anticipation because you dont know what is behind the corner and could kill you and you lose xp and your inventory…

Since its infinite level progression you had actually legends of the game on the server because of there level and the skills progress by doing just like in skyrim. So I was a level 8 with really high skills that would duel level 44 and own them. Quite fun in the days.


PVP Open World

Holy Shit… Don't forget this is still a Open World Semi-Loot to Full Loot System with XP and Skill Loss at death with infinite level progression.

And then to that you ADD PVP everywhere except depots and temples.

And the power difference in level is HUGE and weapon skills and magic skills play a huge part in too. The higher the level the charterer is the faster they move.. So whenever you are hunting and you see a player come up fast on your screen… you shit your pants… and ask yourself will they kill me and try to get my loot. Keep in mind … there is no level cap so you could be a level 20 and a level 80 comes and simply one shots you.


But here is the kicker… This game was all ABOUT your PVP SKILLS ! It was a game that you had to attack with runes "Sudden Death" (and others) and heal with "Ultimate Healing" (and others) MANUALLY AIMING! So like a FPS game you can miss if you are not good at pvp. So when that level 60 comes and says "PAY ARMOR or DIE", if you are really good at pvp you let them attack you and you could possibly kill them.

Knowledge of the map was huge, knowing cities, caves and hunting spots where vital to running away once you where attacked. If you attacked or killed someone you get PZ "Player Zone Locked" meaning you cant enter safety non pvp zones for a while and must survive in the open world.

The POWER ABUSE in the game was crazy, so if a level 60 killed you, you could cry in chat and a level 70 could come and hunt them down, and they could get hunted by a level 80. So there is always a bigger fish around the corner but level and skills where nothing unless you where good at PVP.

The best part was the feeling of killing someone who ran there mouth and getting there Loot and gear ( weeks of grinding ). And saying HUNTED!

The worst part was, if someone wanted to HUNT you… you are in trouble, they could cast ("exiva "your name") and it would tell them how far you are in a certain direction " your name is very far to the east". So if you are hunted and see that character come online, you immediately cast exiva "his name" and hope that he is not getting closer to you. Cause dont forget dyeing in the game meant you loss levels and your gear… so you DID NOT WANT TO DIE especially to that pker. So sometimes you log in and see your PKER online and you literally could not leave a safe zone until you paid them or you pwned them with friends or got better at PVP.


Community and Quests

Community was amazing people know each other by name and you knew who was your friend and who was not, always staying near you town and training your skills and making runes was the norm. And if you wanted to do quests you had to figure it out by yourself or ask someone who knows and they have to show you how to do it, the days before wiki.


Open World RPG that plays like a FPS with Aiming where dying meant loosing levels and gear that someone else gets with.

What is your a game that wish was back?

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