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To anyone on the fence about Steamworld games – Take the plunge and Play them before setting your judgement!

Gamingtodaynews1b - To anyone on the fence about Steamworld games - Take the plunge and Play them before setting your judgement!

I wanted to make this post to try and push anyone on the fence or put off by the steamworld games to please listen to the people bigging them up – buy them!

I had only heard about any of these games within the past year or so, and the hype at first around Image and Form and steamworld dig 2 kind of put me off. Hearing about them on podcasts and review websites/videos, people were in love with all of the games.

I kept watching videos trying to hype myself up about these games but admittedly i was one of those people who looked at them and thought – omg what are those cheap flash game like graphics and thinking if you could play this on your mobile or an ipad why the hell would i buy this for my switch.This nagged me for ages, i really wanted to join the hype and play them but something was keeping me from taking the plunge.

On top of all this – i only buy physical games. Yes this is expensive and yes it is silly in some regard as games like this become quickly vastly overpriced – but the longer ive stuck to this the harder it will ever be to break it, Then it happened – i saw them on super rare games – dig 1 , dig 2, and heist. I thought ,, its now or never. I ordered all 3 and even found quest on ebay. (I dont have vast amounts of money to be splashing on games so this was a massive buy for me)

DO IT !! Physical or digital – get these games!

If you think the graphics are crappy and flash like – that mindset will go once you start playing! Theyre actually colorful and detailed and the funky janky looking movements actually match the robot asthetic.


Then the gameplay – The dig games are neat little games, the short time to beat them also put me off playing – but after beating them – its actually very refreshing to have a game you can blast in a sitting or two. It reminds me of the joy of old gamecube games where you can just enjoy it once in a while or it becomes like an arcadey challenge to get the best score.

Then theres heist – Wow i love this game. The more i play it the more it grows on me – to the point now where im like man i love this so much! the free range shooting mechanic in a 2d turn battle system is so good! It leaves room for error but also leaves a change to pull off some wacky hard shot that leaves you feeling like a god.

Granted i havent started quest yet – it seems the more oddball atm with the card mechanic but im still excited for it.

not to ramble any longer – i wold go as far to say even if your physical only – if you have the money get them physical – if youve never played them before they are worth the money in my opinion. At the digital prices they go for it seems a steal for the games that they are.


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