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Torn on which console to buy

Gamingtodaynews1b - Torn on which console to buy

This has to be the most opaque, milk toast lead up for a set of consoles I've ever experienced.

I bought an Xbox One last generation, as I was a huge Xbox and Xbox 360 fan, and I didn't realize the severity of the red flags like Kinect, slow decline of franchises like Halo and Gears and didn't realize just how damaging things like the debut event and following E3 would be.

I own both consoles, but my Xbox One was basically completely irrelevant this generation. If I hadn't bought it first, my PS4 would've ran everything better and I really wouldn't have missed out on any exclusives I found must play, outside of Cuphead (which is now on Switch) and Forza Horizon 3/4.

Now, I was totally on board with getting an XSX because I was buying into Phil and MS saying this was going to be the most powerful console, and it would have the best lineup of any Xbox ever. I was hoping the July event would make my decision easy, and I'd get a PS5 in a few years, like I typically do every generation.

After the event, all I could take away was that Halo might be the most mixed I've ever felt about any game; I don't know if the XSX is actually more powerful than PS5; and I have no idea what Xbox's exclusives future looks like beyond launch besides CGI trailers, logos and a few minutes of in engine footage.

Hell, I don't know if we've even seen a single second of an XSX game running on XSX. Halo was on a PC, and we don't know if the other brief moments of games were PC or XSX.

Meanwhile, PS5 is at least showing off some gameplay, and while some of it doesn't connect with me (I didn't like the new R&K or Horizon) I know that PlayStation has a pedigree of bringing out some absolutely amazing exclusives like Bloodborne and God of War. Plus we've seen some really interesting stuff like all the controller features and the audio situation.


Problem is I have so much invested into the Xbox ecosystem, with hundreds of games from past Xbox games that will all play on an XSX on day one (if Microsoft is actually being honest), which is amazing. Plus free upgrades on stuff like Gears 5 is cool. I will also say whichever console ends up being more powerful is huge to me, as I like having the best console experience possible. Even that is just a mystery at this point, and I can't trust Microsoft that the XSX is most powerful, as they've definitely been a bit dishonest with certain things regarding the XSX and Xbox Game Studios so far.

I just feel like I'm trying to pick which console is lacking less, instead of two amazing beasts duking it out like back during the 6th or 7th gens. I'm worried I will make a big mistake with Xbox again, because their future is so uncertain, and Microsoft is losing less and less credibility with me. Games like Avalon and a Fable reboot by Playground sound fantastic, but I don't have a second of gameplay to be excited about.

I just do not want to make the wrong choice again this generation. I hated that my Xbox One ran everything worse and had nothing must play from Microsoft Games Studios. Theoretically I would prefer exclusives from Obsidian over basically anything on PS, but Microsoft has a bad track record with maintaining strong studios (Rare) and IP (Halo/Gears).

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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