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Trying to decide between LOTRO or FFXI

Gamingtodaynews1f - Trying to decide between LOTRO or FFXI

I'm looking for an oldschool PVE MMO fix and I've narrowed it down to LOTRO and FFXI, both of which I can play on my Mac without any issues. I'm a casual solo-type player who keeps the game running in the background while I work, but in the evenings I may seek out group/guild/cooperative stuff to do.

Here are my "first impressions" of each game – I'm hoping to get some feedback on the longterm playability of each.


– I love the setting and the classic fantasy races and classes

– The UI is mostly good enough (better than FFXI)

– I like all the achievements and kill tasks (grinding is a stress reliever for me)

– Graphics are good enough though I tone them down to get the best FPS I can on Mac

– New legacy servers are hopping


– The patcher is a slow nightmare! It took me days to get into the game! I hope the patch sizes are small.

– Despite the okay UI, the map and quest tracking is pretty damn awful. It's hard to find objectives on the map, even when they are flashing sometimes. Plus it's super limited on how many you can track at once. This game seems to have a LOT of quests.

– Cash shop. How bad is it?



– I played a lot of the early FF games and I love the style and a lot of the classes seem interesting

– The live version seems to be very solo friendly — that's what kept me from playing back in the day

– Being able to level multiple classes on the same character is HUGE! Feels like I can grind forever. Woo!


– I don't mind the keyboard-mostly controls, they're kinda cool actually, but the interface is a struggle compared to LOTRO

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– No clear direction on quests or what to do. I don't need hand holding forever, but at first it would be nice! Would rather have the game tell me than reading reams of wiki pages.

– I'm using Wine to play on my Mac so I worry some day it will just… stop working

What are your pros and cons of both games? For a PVE player, which game do you think offers more for longterm enjoyment? I may end up jumping back and forth between the two, but I'd rather not pay 2 subs and I don't think I want to be a freebie player on LOTRO. I like the legendary server pop.


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