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Trying to recall a beautiful memory

Gamingtodaynews1b - Trying to recall a beautiful memory

Hey, so… long story short, I'm trying to see if anyone can clue me in as to the name of this MMORPG/MMO that I once played. Keep in mind, the details, although a tad bit vague, are very much specific to this RPG and none others that I can recall.

Some of the key features I remember from this game are:

  1. Being able to own a pet (as well as a mount) that fights alongside you in real-time.
  2. The entire game was in a 2D art style, similar to something like Zodiac Online. In other words, much of the game looked like it was Chinese made, however, based on my experiences, pretty much everyone played it and there was a big mix of cultures and languages involved.
  3. There was very clearly a difference in character styles/stats. Essentially, once you hit a certain level (which I believe was like level 99 or maybe level 60) you had nothing else to gain from playing it, except killing other players. However, due to the way the game was built, players could only be attacked if they enabled the PVP option or attempted to attack another player, which would then automatically turn on the PVP option for them and it would be permanently on for a period of time (roughly 24 hours or so).
  4. Many of the game's regions or areas were clearly temples or places of worship, as well as towns/villagers. In other words, it wasn't a "modern" appearance to a lot of games, as in the architecture wasn't clearly created with any kind of technology and would otherwise be considered ancient.
  5. The game had a small number of classes, however, each class could "evolve" or "grow" or something of that sort into another class. Essentially, you had to reach a certain level in the current class in order to unlock getting to the next class (kind of like Chroisen).

Anyways, any help is appreciated. I'm just legitimately curious if this game I once played is even still around. I don't think it is, cause I do recall that I was there on the day the game closed, and then eventually the server just kicked everyone out of it. I think it might have been browser-based, but I'm not 100% sure. I don't remember installing anything, but then again, this must have been late 2015 maybe 2017.

UPDATE (More Info I remember)

  1. The character I was playing as was basically Kilik (or however you say his name from Soul Blade/Caliber). Essentially, the character I had was some like kung fu dude with a giant stick/spear for a weapon. Other players had similar character, as well as magic users and I do believe there were also people that would more or less be knights, had they actually not been riding on like dragon mounts and such.

So yeah, once again, much of this game was very much Chinese oriented, lots of like I dunno… dynasty based stuff and fantasy mixed in.

  1. Monsters appeared in specific areas and nowhere else, and would also NOT leave these areas unless you stayed close enough for them to follow you. For example, one of the regions/servers/areas you could go to started you off next to some kind of temple that lead down to a watery area, in that area would be basically what looked like mutated fish, ya know, those fish with like the really freaky looking faces and that light thing glowing from their head, as well as some serpent like monsters. While on the land, I do believe, most of the monsters were either bugs or some kind bird or lizard or something. There's wasn't much creativity in terms of like "what is there to kill", but there was certainly a lot to kill and also be killed by.

  2. Another noteworthy thing about this game that I recall is that there were PVP enabled areas, essentially, there were certain areas in the game where once you go into that area, you could be attacked by anyone for any reason. In regards to the PVP enabled thing, the PVP thing only applied to people who ended non-PVP areas after having attacked someone who was already in PVP. So for example, lets say you just joined the game. Well, as of right now, nobody can attack you. Then you go into a PVP acceptable areas (i.e. an area with monsters), so long as you don't attack anyone else, they cannot harm you and visa versa. However, if you attack someone or someone tries to attack you, PVP gets enabled and then you can harm or be harmed. So let's say you're in a PVP acceptable area and someone goes to attack you. Currently, they can do no harm. However ,you can now freely attack them any time you want. That's essentially how PVP worked.

  3. Once again, regarding the art style, the characters were very much FLAT looking. They didn't have any kind of 3Dish-ness to them. Essentially, think of every character as sort of an animated drawing or paper mario kind of thing. Running diagonally was basically just facing left or right, and then moving in the diagonal direction. There wasn't any actual diagonal angle to the characters.

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