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Unpopular opinion: Five Nights at Freddy’s is bad developed game

Gamingtodaynews1b - Unpopular opinion: Five Nights at Freddy's is bad developed game

Okay, I'm ready for some downvotes, but I played FNAF. I watched some videos on YouTube to understand the plot. Then, I tried Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I'm not a fan of horror games, but I watched some walkthroughs of other horror games just to understand gameplay mechanics. And I made conclusion that FNAF is bad game.

I don't liked FNAF not because of terrible fandom, but the gameplay and plot. Soblet' s talk about the plot firstly. The game uses a non-standard narrative, where you should find the plot in hidden details and easter eggs. To be honest, I don't like this presentation of the plot, because it already looks more like a guessing game. No matter how much you do not go through the game, you still do not find any answer to questions about the plot. Just hints and more questions. Does animatronics possesses Souls of murdered kids. If killed kids wants a revenge, why they are killing everyone. If animatronics where reprogrammed by Purple Guy to kill everyone, what souls are feeling? And who is Purple Guy?

I think Scott specifically creates this effect for purely marketing purposes. In this way, he wants to attract an audience to make money from it. Creating an aura of mystery, he created a cash cow for himself. And that's why we have so many theories on YouTube. And with it comes the war of the theorists. If you want to understand the plot, just go watch over 50 videos on YouTube.


Okay, in contrast to FNAF, Dark Souls is having non standard story telling. But unlike FNAF, it gives you a full information about lore. So you easily understand it if you giving yourself an attention. Or in the worst case, you just watch ONE video from VaatiVidya. Dark Souls is like a jigsaw, where by combining elements you get a full picture. But what about FNAF? Imagine you are getting a jigsaw where most of parts are missing. You connect pieces but you just get a very small part of picture. Then you decide to buy next jigsaw, but it has the same thing, except that this jigsaw was maded for different picture. And only one piece is dedicated for the first jigsaw. And you get two uncompleted and different pictures. This is how FNAF works. Scott is earning millions on this and merchandise. This game gives to you an illusion of "deepness" because you can't understand game's plot and if this is understandable, this means only intellectuals may solve this plot. And they think this is arthouse game. Today is fashionable to watch arthouse movies because people want to pretend be smart and wise.

Let's talk about gameplay. It's simple and pretty casual. You need to make resource management and know all the moves of animatronics to save yourself. But actually this game is most depicts how you are lucky. I played Amnesia and I see this game could be easily completed if you use your brain. But FNAF is like a casino with cheap jumpscares. At first this game could be scary for you because you afraid of jumpscared. But after several game overs (which will happen often) you just playing it without fear. You already used to jumpscares, and they are not scary actually. It lacks of atmosphere.

So, that's why I don't liked FNAF. It's a game with bad writtend game design maded for cash grabbing. And soon we get a first AAA game of this franchise. So I think Scott Cowthon is effective businessman who created a cash cow franchise from nothing.

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