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Unpopular Opinion : Gearbox Software is worse than EA, Activision, or Ubisoft

Gamingtodaynews1e - Unpopular Opinion : Gearbox Software is worse than EA, Activision, or Ubisoft

I find it strange that gearbox gets to sort of skate under the radar with their scumminess, where EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and so on get called out on their scumminess. Gearbox is so toxic, they burn their employees, they burn their customers, they burn the properties they're given to work with, and they burn developers whose games they publish. They are one giant torch setting everything ablaze that isn't completely and entirely in their own self interest. They're not substantially worse than EA or activision, but they're like, white trash that won the lottery. They spend every bit of goodwill they get from the community before it's even in their pocket, and before long they are going to find themselves broke after their short flirtation with success. You can't burn your customers more than half the time with your products, and expect for that not to come back and bite you in the ass at some point. You can't burn your devs with substandard wages buoyed by the promise of bonuses that never come, and still bring in top-tier talent. You can't be given good properties to work with when nearly all of your licensed output has been so substandard that you have literally been sued over it's damage to the brand. They are going to have to rebrand their completely in the next 5 years once consumers catch on as a whole that their name is poison, and they will go bust within 7. There is only so many times they can remake borderlands before the money stops coming in. Just for reference here's a short list of controversies and issues relative to them, just off the top of my head.

  • Aliens Colonial Marines *So bad that they had a lawsuit filed against them for misrepresentation of the product. *Sued by their partners for allegedly funneling development funds provided for aliens, into the development of Borderlands 2 (which is illegal in this case because their contract to make aliens stated explicitly what the money was being allocated for) because they got to keep 100% of the revenue from borderlands, where aliens they had to split the proceeds with the license holder.

-Duke nukem forever *Game was purchased in a shoddy state, and was only minimal effort and resources put in to finish it, resulting in a mess of a game, which they also nearly got sued over.


-Borderlands 2 *many controversies over sub-standard dlc used to pad season passes (this is a pretty mild issue overall though)

-Borderlands 3 *Paid their devs well below industry standard wages with the promise of bonuses when the game finally shipped. These bonuses were apparently re-negotiated from the revenue share devs received of borderlands 2 without the devs knowledge, and they received a fraction of a fraction of what they were promised. "If you don't like it, quit" – randy pitchford *Adding in micro transaction in addition to multiple season passes after explicitly promising their would be no micro transactions

-Godfall *Charging 70 dollars base price, one of the first and only companies to jump in the 70 dollar retail markup bandwagon. *Claims not to a "game as a service" but changed the structure to be always online, with no p2p network and limited to no server architecture in countries outside the U.S. making the game borderline unplayable for many customers. * The always online nature virtually guarantees the game will either add micro-transactions, or go offline permanently, possibly both; in the near future thanks to the crowded looter/looter-shootrr market

-Randy Pitchford is a turd of a human being *This wouldn't be A big deal, if this turd wasnt in control of a major corporation. The allegations against him over the years are too numerous to list, but include physical assault, sexual misconduct, fraud, embezzlement.l, and child pornography.

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