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Unpopular opinion: mobile gaming isn’t a bad thing.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Unpopular opinion: mobile gaming isn't a bad thing.

Most of "epic" gamers hates mobile gaming because it's garbage with horrible monetization. I was one of them and I don't played mobile games for a long time (except old GBA games, which are I played on mobile via emulation). I talked recently about AAA gaming unpopularity in Russia, and now I want to complain about mobile gaming.

Yesterday I downloaded Subway Surfers. It's a casual mobile game with microtransactions, as you know. I never played it for a long time. And then I asked a question: doesn't videogames supposed to be just fun? Can games be good with simple gameplay and without a plot? Then I remembered Helltaker. A casual game which was hyped because of meme and rule 34 content. Does this indie game maded something innovation in gaming industry? No. It's just a sokoban game without a plot. The game's length is about 20 minutes. It was created just in couple of months. And is hyped. Does this game is bad? No. Then I remembered Untitled Goose Game, which was a casual game too. And hyped Among Us, being a mobile game with in-game purchases is enjoyable by many. Even by epic gamers!

I readed a lot news about game industry and see that sometimes AAA companies are creating AAA games which quality is worse than some really good and fun mobile games. Sure, AAA games have more complex gameplay and content, but it not always guarantee a high quality of the game. Sometimes casual games with minimum of content is more addictive. Just take for example Tetris, right?


When I played Subway Surfers, I noticed that I can comfortable play it without paying. Your record is heavily depicts in how you played than how you payed. You can make big scores without paying because of specifix gameplay. Most of mtx affects only on appearance. Sure, there are bad mobiles with horrible monetization like Rise of Kingdoms. But hey, did you heared about Soul Knight? It's a game by indie developers which was influenced by Enter the Gungeon. Most of content you can acquire just by grinding in-game money (although roguelites are grind-oriented games).

The problem with microtransactions not because they exist, but because they don't work in many AAA games. Especially online games. It destroys gameplay and balance and making a game less fun. AAA companies don't know how to work with mtx in AAA games. Or because mtx better suits casual games than AAA games. Although, AAA developers have some progress. In Fortnite you can buy only cosmetics.

When I see mobile games, I have questioned myself: aren't mobile games are spiritual successors of 80s arcades? Arcade games are having simple gameplay too, and you should pay with coins if you want to continue a game.

I should to mention that we can find many hidden gems on Apple Store and Google Play. I found ALTER EGO game. It's a visual novel with clicker elements about psychoanalysis. I liked this game and completed it without paying in couple of days. Or Muse Dash, a funny rhytm game.

The problem is that people like to rely on stereotypes than in facts. There are many good and bad mobile games. Some of them have complex gameplay, some of them — simple. But c'mon, there are many bad AAA games too. I'm not one who think "mobiles are future" because I prefer PC gaming. But mobile gaming isn't bad.

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