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(Unpopular opinion) New games are better than old ones

Gamingtodaynews1f - (Unpopular opinion) New games are better than old ones

Not always but for me, generally, a good game today is better than a Good game from nes, snes, megadrive, psx, etc. I mean, comparing them side by side and not taking in account the impact they had for gaming (that way pong and super Mario Bros. would be the best forever)

Re2 remake > re, re2, re3

DMC 5 > dmc, dmc3

Hollow knight > Castlevania SOTN

Cuphead > Megaman, contra, gunstar heroes, metal slug

Doom eternal > Original Doom

Super Mario oddyssey > Super Mario 64

BOTW > A link to the past

Forza Horizon series > any other arcade driving game

And i could go on. If we are talking about stories or balance then an old rpg/jrpg could be better than new ones, or old competitive games could be better tan the ones from today to play them competitevely but i am not very much into that genres so idk. But if we talk about pure gameplay then I cannot conceive that a snes, megadrive, psx game is better than an actual one. Some could be ok or good but not much more. I grew up with ps2 so i don’t have nostalgia for older games and playing them today they can be entertaining but i would pick a current good game anyday.


I know i will be downvoted to death but that’s how i feel. I am tired of hear people saying bioshock, dark souls, gta v, TLOU, Mario oddyssey, BOTW, persona 5, hollow knight, The witcher 3, god of war, RDR2, celeste, etc are some of the best games ever, only for people to immediately come and tell them that OOT, Mario 64, Final fantasy vii, resident evil, half life, metal gear solid, metroid prime, deus ex, SOTN, super Mario 3, A link to the past, super metroid, vice city, etc are better and that they should play more games. No, just no. They could have been 10/10 in their time but time has passed and videogames as a whole has evolved more than any medium in the same amount of time. I Heard people say that videogames don’t age, they are the same as in the the date they came out. That is true, videogames don’t age but our perception on what is a good or a bad videogame has changed. Castlevania 3 could have been an excellent game when it came out but nowadays there are literally hundreds of better options to play before that.

So good games today are generally better than good games of the past and i wouldn’t be surprised if games in 2040 are better than current ones. Not just that but i want them to be better. I prefer to play always a game better than the previous one and not to feel like new games will never be as good as my favourite ones.

But what do you think ? i know this is going to be a controversial post but i am open to hear every opinion. Maybe that way i could start to appreciate old games more.

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