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Unwinnable Boss Fights(as a concept)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Unwinnable Boss Fights(as a concept)

Unwinnable Boss fights. In layman's terms, a fight that's impossible to win. My question to pose is: What is a "good" one and a "bad" one? And do they have a place in gaming anymore?

First, an example. Take Ladja from DQV. He first shows up after attempting to escape an child slave ring with your father at the mid-beginning of the game. At the end of the entrance, he shows up and the fight begins. He absolutely ASSBLASTS your team, taking you down with little difficulty. After that, your father shows up after getting your ass handed to you, his lackeys wear him down, then Ladja kills him right then and there. I personally believe that this is a Good example of an unwinnable boss fight, as the fight doesn't last long and while the game doesn't tell you it is, he is stronger than everything you've faced so far by a country mile, so it makes sense. It also comes full circle when later in the game you encounter him again and beat him.

Another example is the iconic Halo Reach. In the last mission, you only have a limited amount of resources as the game sends enemy after enemy. You try to take as much down as possible, but in the end you fall to the horde of enemies and a cutscene plays showing you fighting to the bitter end. This, imo, is another example of a good unwinnable boss fight.

So, based on these examples, a good unwinnable boss fight usually comes around full circle after the player has been beaten. With newfound experiences, you show up again to tackle a challenge that crushed you last time. However, I believe the stigma surrounding unwinnable boss fights comes from poor implementation and decades of player's expecting to always win(I'm guilty of this too, don't worry), not the concept being flawed.


I personally believe that the loss itself isn't what pisses gamers off, but the way they lose. From what I've heard and seen, most game seems to fall into the trap of just using one hit kill moves to finish the battle or something around those lines. This is the problem. I believe that most gamers are reasonable and know how to take a loss. What they don't like is losing to some cheesy one shot move as their usually no telegraph and no way to dodge, leaving players to have to pray to RNGESUS they don't get wiped.

About the other topic about gamers expecting to win all the time, I don't think that's necessarily their faults. After all, decades of winning has instilled into them a sense of arrogance, believing that they will always win. As a result, when a boss comes up and utterly crushes them, they get frustrated and upset with the game. They believe that it has no place in games as they can't win. While this isn't representative of all gamers, I believe this is no minority thought.

I think that personally have a place in games, as they ground the player after feeling like hot shiz after they beat a couple bosses. However, if not implemented carefully, they can feel cheesy lazy and frustrating, as the player has no way to know if it's unwinnable or just a huge difficultly spike. So r/truegamers, how do you feel about this topic? Do you agree or do you disagree? I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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