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Valheim 90+ hours review & feedback (no spoilers)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Valheim 90+ hours review & feedback (no spoilers)

It is the modern equivalent of minecraft. It is a completely new breed of survival game and the developers have made some excellent decisions when designing the game.

-The progression is done in such a creative and entertaining way it makes you actually want to keep playing.

-The boss fights are absolutely amazing. If you take the time to get prepared you will kill bosses with ease. If you go in carelessly they are going to destroy you. This is how it should be.

Now for the negative sides (most if not all of which are pretty standard for early access)

  • lag: we are not sure what exactly is causing the lag but the further we go into the game the worse it gets. It could be that we have a few players within a rather large village.

Also massive lagspikes when server saves which has caused a few deaths.

  • Bugs: aside from the mosquitoes there aren’t many deadly bugs.

We have had some corpse stones and items flying to space from time to time but not so often.

Stone buildings are pretty buggy. Bits and pieces being removed and found in random places up to 50 metres away from where they were placed.

Occasionally in caves enemies will be hitting/shooting you through walls. Not a big deal.

  • balancing: the material cost for quality of life pieces (large chests) & aesthetic pieces is way too high. These things are not needed but make the game more enjoyable to have so low crafting cost on things like large chests, Wall lights and raise ground would be nice.

As for weapons most things feel pretty good but axes are remarkably weak for a viking game. I was going for the classic axe & shield build but even with the strongest axe in the game it is very underwhelming. Kinda feels like it’s not supposed to be used as a weapon.


I will also add that stealth/dagger build is strong but seriously struggles against enemies that you cannot parry. You get 1 stealth opener and that’s it. Being able to re stealth by breaking line of sight or using a special item would make daggers a lot more viable late game.

The 4th boss (dragon) was a joke. Needs to be a lot stronger.

Teleportation is very convenient but easily abused. And probably a bit too powerful. Crafting a teleporter should require much rarer resources.

  • other feedback

The base workbench radius is too small. Upgrading workbench level should also exponentially increase the area that it covers. Adding to this the stone cutter should be a workbench upgrade. As realistic as it is it’s annoying to have to place a new stone cutter every 30 meters when making walls and other buildings.

Grew dwarf spawn rate is too high

Thistle spawn rate is too low.

All in all it’s been an excellent experience and me and my friends have had some great adventures which we will not soon forget. Playing this game has been a breath of fresh air.

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