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Just wanted to share a solution to my video game backlog that has been, in my case, very successful. I have owned a ps4 for about three years now and over that time I have accumulated 200+ games. With the constant sales in the PSN store as well as the abundance of quality games being produced I found myself buying games constantly which I would never get around to playing. My backlog of games was so lengthy that I felt a sense of pressure to get through games quickly which would often lead to me starting a game, playing it for a couple of hours and then moving onto the next game without ever returning to the first one. This obviously led to a stunted gaming experience.

As a solution I made a spreadsheet of all of the video games that I owned that I wanted to play and I categorized them by the year they came out (if they were a remaster then by the year that the original game came out). Then I initiated A TOTAL VIDEO GAME BUYING FREEZE. I am playing the games on my spreadsheet chronologically — so I won't be playing any of the 2006 games until I finish all of the pre-2005 games. Currently I am playing the first Kingdom Hearts, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Pokemon Let's Go.

Things I have learned from this experience:

  1. At first it was REALLY DIFFICULT TO STOP BUYING GAMES. Even after I initiated my buying freeze I found myself frequently thinking "this is too good a deal to pass up" or "but this game is really good", even with more than 100 unfinished games in my library. To overcome these impulses I canceled my credit card information from the PSN store and enlisted my brother-in-law to help oversee my video game habits.
  2. I am having MORE FUN playing video games than I have had in years. Maybe it's just because there's no pressure to keep up with all the new games that are out. Maybe the games I am playing now just happen to be super fun (and I am ACTUALLY PLAYING THEM instead of just getting through the first few levels and moving on).
  4. While at first I felt like I was missing out since I wasn't playing fresh new games like RDR2, that FOMO has been thoroughly replaced by the excitement of discovering how awesome some of the older games are, especially Kingdom Hearts.
  5. It's going to take me years to catch up on my schedule and finish the 2018 games on there. By the time I will be buying 2019 games (maybe around 2025) I will be able to get each game for under $10 and they will still feel new to me.
  6. I am saving tons of money.

I wish I would have done this a long time ago!

TLDR: Stopped buying new video games. Organized the games chronologically and playing each year's games before moving onto the next year's games. This saved me a lot of money and revived my interest in gaming!

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