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Virtual vs Physical Worlds – what drives us to both (Psychology Study)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Virtual vs Physical Worlds - what drives us to both (Psychology Study)

To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+. I’m a master student doing placement and a project for my supervisor, Mark Coulson, in Middlesex University. This is an exploratory study examining preferences, likes/dislikes, and problems in both virtual and physical worlds.

This study will attempt to understand why people play MMOs, because MMOs can be thought of as a whole new virtual life and persona. Many people play for many reasons and have numerous motivations, some might have to do with escapism and some not. We hope to reduce stigma and get an idea of what drives people to either virtual or physical worlds. What we're interested in is what keeps us in virtual or physical worlds, what pushes us away in both and what attracts us in both. This is one of the first kind of studies looking at this phenomena in this way. As gamers ourselves, we know the importance of virtual worlds and, therefore, we will not underplay any aspects of virtual worlds. On a personal note, I play quite a bit myself, so this topic interests me. When the questionnaire is done, we'd like to give back to all participants and summarise the results and theories to any who want to give their email at the end of the survey. Understandably, many people do not like taking questionnaires. Hell, I don't like taking them and here I am distributing them to you awesome people. However, they can be useful finding information and I hope this is such a time. This post was kindly granted permission from the moderators.


To any and all that have seen this post before, we're still recruiting participants for the same study. Mark Coulson and I are very excited for the results and I'm kindly hoping for some more participants. The data collection deadline is a week from now.

The survey will take, approximately, 35-45 minutes to complete and is extensive. If anything, it shares the grind to MMOs 😉 The survey will ask many questions about your life, in general, and then ask you to compare virtual worlds to the physical world. Some participants have found the questionnaire reflective, because it asks participants to compare distinctions of virtual vs physicals worlds in ways which may not normally be considered. No personal identifiable data is collected, the findings are for academic purposes and adhere to Middlesex University's GDPR.

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Good luck!

Please ask any questions.

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