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VR should be kept away from consoles and only stay on PCVR or standalone headsets

Gamingtodaynews1f - VR should be kept away from consoles and only stay on PCVR or standalone headsets

There are many reasons why I think VR is an awful idea for consoles, so I'll explain briefly below and if you have questions I can answer in the comments.

The first is the price and set-up for VR. There are shitty VR headsets that only allow you to watch videos and play a few (usually) shitty games such as Google Cardboard or any VR headset where you put your phone in. These are generally seen a gimmick and only for porn or showing people who are technologically inept how VR works. The mid-level VR headset include all the headsets that have inside-out tracking or are an older model of outside in tracking. This is what the PSVR is as well as the Oculus headsets. The final level of VR is outside in tracking, meaning that there is a lot of set-up including lighthouses (also known as base stations). Getting a high end VR headset (such as an Index) will cost at minimum $800 if you're buying used, and to get good tracking will push you into four-digit dollar amounts if you want multiple base stations.

Considering that a new Valve Index is around three times the cost of a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you'd essentially be paying for an "add-on" to your console that's way more expensive than the console itself. Most console players are more casual and don't want to sink $2500+ into a gaming PC because they want the simplicity and portability of a console, so why would they want to set up VR with base stations and (maybe) a rig and pulley system on their roof for a headset? Even if these console companies use a more modest price for a VR headset ($300 is the price of the new Oculus Quest 2, so we'll say $300 as an example) it's still over half the price of their console.

One of the reasons PSVR (somehow) became as popular as it was is because it's "cheap". The PSVR and the brand new Oculus Quest 2 are around the same price. The Oculus Quest 2 in my opinion bears PSVR because it's portable and has a larger game library, so why would you buy a PSVR? Sure there are some cool exclusives, but PCVR and the Quest 2 has way more exclusives. On top of that, you can't (as far as I know) watch porn on PSVR.


Another problem with PSVR is the amount of games it has and mods for them. PSVR excels in being a "party VR" headset, meaning it's something that you pass around at family gatherings or with friends. I believe this is because the majority of PSVR games are not story games, but rather arcade games like Beat Saber and GORN. The problem with arcade games on the PSVR is the lack of mod support. If you go over to beatsaber and ask what their favorite song is, they'll give you a user made song that's only possible with mods. PSVR cannot be modded in that sense, and therefore misses out on thousands of good free songs. GORN also is dependent on mods, but not as much. There are also virtually no story mode games that are exclusive to PSVR that are worth mentioning besides Resident Evil 7 in VR, and even then it's just a VR port and not an exclusive game. There's a joke that the way you can judge a good VR headset is if you can play Half Life: Alyx on it, which PSVR cannot. Indie games are also dying on modern consoles; it's no longer the Xbox 360 era where we unironically played $1 indie games all day.

Another reason that PSVR (or any console based VR headset) won't work is because a majority of people don't have space where their console is. All of my friends who own consoles have it in a small place (like a bedroom) or a room with a lot of furniture (living room). On top of that, a console based VR would probably be plugged into your TV, which means you might punch your TV on accident. I'm not saying that people with an Oculus Quest or a PCVR headset aren't punching holes in things, but I'm less likely to punch my PC on my table compared to my wall mounted TV.

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