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Walking slow on videogames. Why yes and why not. Why is it such a niche feature?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Walking slow on videogames. Why yes and why not. Why is it such a niche feature?

Note: This discussion is mainly focused on PC gaming.

TLDR: A lot of PC ports don't have the functionality of slow walking on M&K, forcing the players to mod the game or play it with a controller. This is an issue for me, but by diving around videogame forums I've noticed that the bast majority of players don't care about this functionality, getting to the point of criticizing the ones asking for it because it's a "pitty request". At the bottom there's some questions to engage discussion about this topic.

Lately I've been living through the same issue again, and again, and again. I see a game on sale. I bypass the recommended hardware for it, the game looks promising, the game looks fun and graphically it's astonishing.

After purchasing and installing, I start playing. Just to notice something. A tiny detail, so hidden that the bast majority of gamers didn't even notice…

I can't walk slow. I only jog around everywhere. Sometimes I can also sprint, but there's no key to toggle my walk speed. Walking slow like if I had a analogical stick.

There's various scenarios. First, and the best case scenario: I actually can do it. Usually is pressing ctrl or alt. The game toggles my walk speed so I can walk slow. Including a nice animation of the character slowly walking in the game.

If the game does not support it I have other alternatives. I can look for a mod that allows me to do it. For example, Cyberpunk 2077.

If there are no mods to do it, maybe I can change something on a txt file. If I'm lucky.

And if none of the above works, I'll plug my controller. Sacrificing aim precision and more confort in the process, since I'd rather play with M&K.

And if none of the above works, f.e. if the game does not feels great with controller… I'll Uninstall.


Why can't I enjoy a game where I only jog? Because it breaks the immersion in multiple ways. I like taking my time to appreciate the world. I like to walk at the same speed that NPCs do, I like admiring every little detail of the world. No matter the game. That's why I literally never fast travel and ALWAYS walk slow. That's how I've managed to get 220 hours on witcher 3 without getting to half the main story.

By doing the process I've listed above, I've obviously came across a lot of videogame forums where other people have asked for a walk slow toggle on games.

And I've noticed a trend. People can't care less about walking slow. People seems to be happy by jogging around everywhere. Even more, people wants more speed.

Sometimes I watch youtubers or streamers pass a level of a game I've been playing, just to notice how they run to the objective in no time. A level that cost me 1 to 2 hours because of me walking and admiring the map is usually completed in 30 minutes by the average player.

My steam friends who has played CP2077 completed the game on 30-40 hours. I'm sitting at 90 hours and barely finished Act 2.

And, sometimes, people criticize the ones who ask to walk slow. I've read comments along the lines "no one cares about walking" "why would you want to slow walk?" "people don't know what to complain about" "that's a pity thing to ask for" "why do you care about something that puts you in disadvantage on the combat areas" etc.

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who enjoys to feel part of the world in the videogame. Taking my time to admire every detail of the map, movement, animations…

What are your thoughts on this topic? What's your gameplay style? Do you usually walk slow on videogames or just joggle around everywhere? Or do you sprint everywhere like sonic the hedgehog? Why do you think games that let you walk slow are the exception and not the rule?

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