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Wanting to play an MMO casually. Neverwinter or ESO?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Wanting to play an MMO casually. Neverwinter or ESO?

Well. As the title says i want to play an MMO casually since i do not have much time available. However(currently only thought of those two options), i don't know which of those two to pick.

First, Neverwinter is free(Right? Saw some people complaining about it being P2W and other people saying it was actually the Pay 4 convenience kind). I played it for about 10minutes and loved the gameplay.

ESO i played a few hours about a year ago and liked it, but the game changed a bit(don't know if for better or worse). I've bought the base game when Morrowing was launching because it was on sale on Steam and got it really cheap. I'm pretty sure i've received Morrowind since Summerset launched(a confirmation would be nice) and probably will get Summerset when Elseweyr launches, so i'll only have to pay for Elseweyr.

But ESO requires purchasing a lot of content through DLC's, or paying for ESO plus, so i'll have to throw some bucks there (but if it's not a lot, i wouldn't mind paying).

This is what i currently know about those games. But i'd like to know better about those games to know how well they fit in my preferences, to enjoy a product more, given my limited time.

  1. I'm not EXPECTING to be playing it for years. A few months is my current guess, but if there's enough fun content i wouldn't mind playing more, though.
  2. As i said, i'll play it casually.
  3. I'm pretty sure i won't be rushing content. Specially early.
  4. Although end-game content is nice to have, as i said, i'm not expecting to be playing it for years, so a bad end-game or a small one is not a big problem
  5. I don't care about PvP/Competitiveness. Even though in my teen years i loved it and mostly played games that had a good PvP because of it's competitive nature, job and college consumes my time quite a lot, so i can't afford being competitive(I'll be playing it casually). Being obligated to be competitive in the game to ENJOY the content(have fun, mostly) is a major turn down.
  6. Grinding is OK as long as my life don't depend on it. Afterall, all MMO's require grinding to some extent.
  7. Having to waste good money on the game. I've heard that Neverwinter is P2W from some people(and other people denied it), but ESO also requires buying several content, so money is a factor here, although not the decisive one. I can buy stuff slowly(i won't be rushing content to require it right away).

Thanks everyone.

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