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Warcraft: Blizzard is planning more free2play mobile games

Gamingtodaynews1f - Warcraft: Blizzard is planning more free2play mobile games

Diablo Immortal won't be Blizzard's only smartphone game. Activision Blizzard has now confirmed that they are not only working on a corresponding Warcraft game. The information comes from company boss Bobby Kotick personally, who recently explained this in a conference call with investors. In the wording it says:

"We have several mobile, Free2Play Warcraft experiences that are now in advanced development."

The aim is to ensure that not only existing players, but also new players can "experience the Warcraft universe in new ways". He does not provide any further details about the titles. He also does not provide any information about a release date. However, rumors about such projects have been around for a long time.

What kind of Warcraft games are coming?

In 2017, the first unofficial information came to light. Note, however, that these have never been officially confirmed. In addition, a few years have passed since then and Blizzard may have discarded the corresponding games or redesigned them fundamentally. The Mobile Warcraft games will probably not be a port for PC games.

An MMO strategy game: Allegedly a kind of MMO strategy game is supposed to be in development. According to an industry insider, this should play a little like Art of Conquest.

gives you an insight into the gameplay.

Pokémon Go x Warcraft: According to statements by investigative journalist Jason Schreier, the team is also working on another title that will bring the gameplay of Pokémon Go into the Warcraft universe.

How's Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal himself is meanwhile moving towards its release. Our editor Fabiano Uslenghi was able to test the title for a full five hours. In his preview he explains how he has liked the game so far.

How is it monetized? Free2Play games for smartphones often piss off many gamers because of excessive monetization. Blizzard has already commented on how they want to make money with Diablo Immortal.

Play on your smartphone just like on your PC

There are a lot of mobile games out there that are not primarily designed for mobile phones. Numerous PC and console games have been ported to smartphones over the years. Partly official, partly from fans. As a result, they often forego microtransactions and rather rely on the Buy2Play system.

But apart from these titles, there are pure mobile games nowadays that do not rely on the usual monetization tactics. One example is the Souls-Like Pascal's Wager for Android and iOS. That only got a more classic DLC with new content in 2020 with Tides of Oblivion.

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