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Warhammer was the only MMO to do class/race restrictions in a way that actually appealed to people, anyone else want this in MMOs?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Warhammer was the only MMO to do class/race restrictions in a way that actually appealed to people, anyone else want this in MMOs?

3 examples here.

  1. Warhammer Age of Reckoning- This class system had a basic archetype that was available to every race. It made the idea of a Goblin Shaman and a Dwarf Runepriest, being different and not exactly the same but the same play style and role, as something people really liked.

  2. FFXIV- Any race, all class accessibility. Each Class doesn't have "flavor" for each race like Warhammer did but it still appeals because of the QOL and fits better with this game.

  3. World of Warcraft- This class system seems to be one of the most hated in the whole genre. Same class/archetype for each race, and classes are restricted to a lot of races.

I think this shows that you either pick the FFXIV way of any race/class or have archetypes and add a "flavor" to it based on race like in Warhammer.

Warhammer Age of Reckoning's class/race system was something that I've only ever heard praise for. The Goblin Shaman, the Dwarf Runepriest, and Empire Warrior Priest all are in the same archetype but vastly different play experiences and fantasies. It's a lot of work though and it's understandable for games to just roll with one class, all races like the FFXIV for balancing issues.


To me I'd like an MMO with a more Warhammer AOR system like each race gets it's own version of an archetype. Less classes, but more race/class fantasy. So there seems to be a balance there. A game would need less archetypes so they can balance easier by looking at all the archetypes for each race. That's why Warhammer AOR only had 4. When one race in the archetype is underperforming you compare it to other's of the archetype. When one archetype is overpowered you can nerf the entire archetype for all races. It's an easier to manage balancing system with less. FFXIV system allows for more classes to be made so you can just balance against each other as a roster and for their roles.

Both systems to me seem to be better in my eyes than WoW's.

Every Paladin for every race is the same yet Zandalari Troll Paladins are the first "Paladins." They're called Prelates and are a holy-aztec like warriors that existed on Azeroth far before the term "Paladin" even existed. Then you have the Knight Crusader orders of the Humans, like the Silver Hand. These are the same archetype but honestly should be different like how Warhammer does it.

If we're going to make every Paladin the same, then at least just go ahead and give it to each race because we're not getting much out of picking different races anyways. There is no feeling different to me from playing a Human Paladin or a Zandalari. Its all about the race fantasy at that point and that's where I get to make my character visually distinct. Even then I have to go out of my way to produce this.

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