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Watch Dogs Legion – Innovative or Overhyped??

Gamingtodaynews1b - Watch Dogs Legion - Innovative or Overhyped??

Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft's most recent venture into the world of a slightly dystopian future in which yet another evil corporation tries to implement dangerous new technology to overthrow a governing power and abolish basic human rights.

That aside, the gameplay has undergone several large changes, most notably with the inclusion of permadeath, an interesting idea until they made it optional, because who the fuck plays a videogame to be challenged anymore. Other features include the introduction of a potentially infinite amount of ‘operatives’, now playable characters with different passive abilities and loadouts like exclusive weapons and personal vehicles, a new idea that I personally found to be a refreshing change to the standard upgrade format as operatives can now have positive and negative skills, like the ‘prior injuries’ ability which means you take more damage from all attacks, that can create interesting, varied situations to find yourself in. Another notable change is the addition of gadgets that can be swapped out allowing for a more varied approach to a mission, whether that be through using shock grenades, a spider turret or a controllable spider droid that can takedown enemies, hack and pick things up and I have also noticed that the police seem to be much, much easier to escape from compared to Watch Dogs 1 or 2. One thing I didn't enjoy however, was the idea that Ubisoft should go back to Watch Dogs 1’s stiff controls, where the movement seemed equivalent to that of driving a tank. But luckily Ubisoft have allowed us to map custom controls now. Thank God

The exploration is more of the same running, jumping and climbing you loved (or hated… I guess) in Watch Dogs 2. However, the weather and city seems to not be very realistic, I mean the UK gets about 2 days of sun a year now. Anyway, as I said the city doesn’t seem to be that true to London, yes, the main landmarks are there such as the Shard and the London Eye etc. but the city doesn’t remind me of London all that much, which is disappointing as that was a big selling point for most players.


However, aside from the strange feel of the city, one other thing keeps niggling away at me. The voice acting. Don't get me wrong, there are some good voice actors in there and some brilliant performances but the voices of the operatives seem very flat and don't have much substance which really pulls me out of the game every time I hear them in a cutscene. On the topic of voices, everyone sounds like a stereotypical british thug, similar to how Charlie Cutter sounded in Uncharted 3 so there isn't really much diversity in terms of the voices among the characters while you’re out exploring the city.

Finally, we reach the story. The start is extremely efficient and streamlined establishing the goal early – defuse the bombs underneath the house of commons. However things quickly take a turn for the worst as a group calling themselves ‘Zero-Day’ activate 3 other bombs around London, plunging the city into chaos and framing Dedsec. What follows is the rebuilding of Dedsec through the recruitment of operatives and the unmasking of Zero Day, but I personally found that after the opening of the story, the game seems to slow down considerably which might be a result of being able to tackle the main missions in different orders, as they seem more like mini stories that were thrown in and don't really serve the plot that the beginning established, except for a throwaway line here and there exclaiming how they might help in the future or how they will be a useful ally. Other than that, the tone is much darker than Watch Dogs 2 ever was and has the added benefit of not being fucking miserable like Watch Dogs 1 was and so it manages to keep a steady tone throughout it's missions and paces itself somewhat well, as there is no random changes in tone and the downtime isn’t forced into the story, instead it’s all the side objectives in the city that the player can do in their own time/when they get fed up with the main missions.

All in all, I liked Watch Dogs Legion, it's gameplay is a step up from Watch Dogs 2 with the inclusion of permadeath, multiple operatives and exclusive skills items and roles. The story is also much more interesting and enticing from the get-go and doesn’t have as many glaring issues as previous Ubisoft games. I think that Watch Dogs Legion is a step in the right direction for Ubisoft games and hopefully they continue to innovate their games with more new, refreshing ideas.

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