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Wb games Montreal Batman game concept art leaked

Gamingtodaynews1b - Wb games Montreal Batman game concept art leaked

Alright, another one for the WB Montreal rumor mill BUT TAKE WITH A HUGE GRAIN OF SALT.

Artist Eddie Mendoza (who works for Apple) recently posted a series of 3 keyframe images that he specified were "just for fun" which depicted Batman engaged in combat against Talons. This would not normally be newsworthy, though the man is very talented, except that a few days ago he suddenly took the images down without any explanation. Just gone entirely from his ArtStation account (where he first posted them) without any evidence they ever existed. Since they weren't breaking any rules or terms of service that I can see and I don't see him getting a cease and desist from Warner Bros. over a bunch of drawings that he specifically said WEREN'T official, this is a bit weird. Even more curious, he also apparently works as a freelancer and one of his clients is Warner Bros.

Link to Eddie Mendoza's ArtStation profile:

Link to one of his pictures that I managed to locate via some cheating with Google:

Link to a video I found explaining this as well, also showing parts of his other two images:

As I said before, TAKE WITH GREAT SKEPTICISM, but it is interesting to note. A possible theory is that this is official concept art that he made for WB Montreal but tried to slip it past the censors anyway by posting it and claiming it was just a fan-made drawing for the hell of it. This is, however, just some theorizing to be taken with a grain of salt.

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