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We are “Supreem” and “Miphon”, developers on the Early Access MMO Legends of Aria AMA!

Gamingtodaynews1b - We are "Supreem" and "Miphon", developers on the Early Access MMO Legends of Aria AMA!

Hey everyone! We are taking a break from running on the human sized hamster wheels that powers our servers to answer all your questions.

I, Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann, got started in the game industry at Electronic Arts back in 2004. Seven of those years were spent as lead programmer for Ultima Online (Stygian Abyss, High Seas era). I left EA in 2013 to create Citadel Studios with a dream: to give everyone the same power to create immersive MMO worlds that Ultima Online designers had with high level scripting. I quickly realized along with the team of Shards Online, that first we must create an amazing fully featured MMO first… because noone will want to mod a game if the game isn't badass first. Out of this need, came Legends of Aria! We grew the world to almost 25x it's original size and filled it with tons of sandboxy goodness. Here we are in Early Access (final wipe complete) but not quite on the Steam store yet (pushed to January) with a game that has 1000s of active players and is growing every day.

Of course, we still fully intend to open up the modding tools and admin capabilities to everyone, but with a small team we can only tackle one epic challenge at a time. Once the base game is live on Steam, we will work on getting the pieces together to end the invite only admin program and open it up to the world!

I also have Jeffrey "Miphon" Edwards with me:

I am the Producer & Lead Game Designer on Legends of Aria. I officially entered the gaming industry in 2015 bringing back Darkfall and then joined Citadel Studios the following year. I made it my mission when joining the gaming industry to bring a return to the MMO's which once told us to do and be anything. I'm passionate about truly social online gameplay and bringing the essence of tabletop gaming and the MUD back into contemporary game design and living game worlds.

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Ask us anything! Ask about the game, our time in the industry, or even general game design theory (our favorite). We will start answering questions at 3pm EST.

From the announcement post:

– Questions that are not intended to have a response will be removed. This includes troll, low effort, passive-aggressive, and straight up rude comments.

UPDATE: Thank's everyone for all the great questions! It's also so great to hear how many of you are really enjoying this monster that we created. The server's are running low on power so it's back to the hamster wheels. We will try to pop back in here from time to time and knock out any questions we might have missed.

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