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We are the team behind Super Life of Pixel for PS4 and PS Vita! Ask Us Anything!!

Gamingtodaynews1g - We are the team behind Super Life of Pixel for PS4 and PS Vita! Ask Us Anything!!

Hey r/PS4! Thanks for having us here 🙂

We are Super Icon and WhiteMoon Dreams, the developer and publisher behind Super Life of Pixel – a puzzle platformer that follows our hero, Pixel through 19 historically inspired consoles. Just imagine jumping through time and experiencing systems faithfully similar to the Atari 2600 to the GameBoy and even Sega Saturn all in one journey.

/u/SuperIcon is Rich, of Super Icon, developer of Super Life of Pixel – He created the original cult classic "Life of Pixel" on Steam, PSM and Wii U and approached us about bringing the game to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Fueled by nostalgiac passion, he took on the task of expertly recreating classic consoles from the 4-bit to 32-bit eras. He is particularly knowledgeable about retro games and design. Ask him anything!

/u/WhiteMoonRusty is our VP of Publishing at WhiteMoon Dreams. Rusty is a 30 year industry veteran, who spearheaded PlayStation Network, brought titles such as Flow, Flower, Everyday Shooter and more from indie obscurity to critical success. Rusty knows a ton about game development, publishing and about being a bad ass. Ask him anything!

As for me? First of all, I will address my ridiculous username. Some of you may recognize me as the community manager behind StarBlood Arena for the PSVR (We at WhiteMoon Dreams developed the game and Sony was our Publisher). The SBA community chose my name here on reddit, which is based on a fat, mildly obnoxious alien named Grok – then combined that name with bellylint. Thanks guys I love you too, very nice.

I handle the community, social media, PR type stuff here at WhiteMoon Dreams and on behalf of Super Icon. Ask me anything!

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! Let's have some fun in here!!

EDIT: A user asked us when it comes out. DURRRR It's out NOW in NA for PS4 and Vita and will be out shortly in EU, expect news on that in a day or so.

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