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We need more games for “veteran gamers”

Gamingtodaynews1g - We need more games for "veteran gamers"

I just started Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice thanks to the Game Pass and, apart from the various issues that afflicts the game (repetitive gameplay, easy puzzles, crappy subtitles), there's one thing that really sticks out to me: there are no tutorials whatsoever.

When you start the game, you immediately start playing without useless and tedious "use R to move, use L to look around", the game just assumes that if you're playing a game like that, you almost certainly played a lot more games in the past.

There's no interactions tutorial, no battle tutorial, just voices suggesting you what to do in the context of the game (e.g. voices telling you to "focus", without text boxes explaining that you need to press RT in order to do that), and while many games try to do that, just a handful of those really succeed to do so.

For example, take Cyberpunk 2077 (I mean, we all played it or at least watched the first few hours of gameplay): when starting the first mission, Jackie gives you a shard with some kinda military training on it, aka a tutorial. This might work in the context of the game, but when you really look at it you realize that it is kinda immersion breaking: if V sees the same things you see when inserting the shard, well that's a videogame tutorial and it totally makes no sense for an expert merc like V to learn how to use a freaking gun, but if they doesn't see what the player sees then there's no point in making it contextualized in the game world.


Of course, CP2077 and Hellblade are two completely different games, and while the latter can afford to give the player no tutorial at all since it's an hack 'n' slash with a really common control scheme (you just need to fiddle with the controller for 10 secs to figure out the few buttons you can use), CP would be a hellish nightmare without any guidance from the developers.

My point here is, I'd just like to see more games like Hellblade, were the developers assume you've played similar games before and just throw you in the game, giving you some hints on what you can do through in game elements that don't feel "game-y". It's also nice to discover things you can do a bit later in the game, I discovered I could block during the third or fourth encounter, when one of the voices told me to "defend myself", and that gave me that nice variation to keep the combat engaging (I mean, it has already stopped being fun after a couple of hours more, but you get the point).

I know games can be very difficult to approach for newcomers, but it's nice when a game that plays very similar to others doesn't explain you things you already know.

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