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We NEED Nintendo in the Middle East

Gamingtodaynews1e - We NEED Nintendo in the Middle East

Hi. This may sound weird to people not in the middle east,So I'll explain. Video games are a huge part of the middle east, we have a LOT of gamers, but most of them play Playstation and Xbox games, I've seen a very few amount of people who actually play Nintendo games. The most succes Nintendo had in the Middle East are probably Mario Maker (1 & 2) and the newly released Animal Crossing New Horizons, but it's not the gamers' fault, there hasn't been ANY offical Nintendo office in an Arabic country, 22 COUNTRIES and over 428,000,000 PEOPLE!! Now how will that make Nintendo more successful??

1.Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world, so I think you now know how BIG of a language it is. So if any person who speaks arabic wouldn't buy a switch or any Nintendo game because it's a language he/she (probably) doesn't understand, but If it was in arabic it would be more appealing to him/her because it's a language they obviously understand. Why does Sony's PlayStation 4 hold 75% market share in Saudi Arabia? it's because it's in Arabic!

2.countries in the Middle East are EASILY one of the most "video games cause violence!" Countries out there. So if a mom saw this kid friendly console with games for all the family, it would be a no-brainer to buy! Many countries most notably Syria,Lebanon,Palastine,Iraq, and many other countries don't have any offical way to play Nintendo games besides importing.


3.bring more people into playing video games in general, just look at the wii, why did it do so well? Because it was more understandable to the general masses or in other words "casuals" Many people refuse to play games in the middle east because they are too complicated or too violence. Games like animal crossing and mario party for example are PERFECT for these type of people and games like Zelda and (kinda) Mario odyssey will also be perfect for the people who only play hardcore games.

Hope You Understand

Edit:Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody for making this thread popular, I LOVED hearing your stories and comments and I really love that I could share this problem in this subreddit, I hope that all Countries EVENTUALLY can have access to Nintendo games and Nintendo should also focus more on expanding their brand everywhere in places like India,Brazil (Read Edit 2),South Asia, etc. Not necessarily fully translate their games but at least make them more available, thank you for listening! I have a YouTube Channel about Nintendo and gaming related stuff, feel free to visit if you're interested!

Edit 2: Nintendo Brazil is officially a thing now!(Source) I'm very happy for you Brazilians! That means Nintendo is trying to expand to other Countries, if you live in a place where there is no offical way to buy a switch, just be patient because it may even happen this year! Who knows!

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