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Welcome Home: Eden, A Level 75 Cap Final Fantasy XI Server

Gamingtodaynews1e - Welcome Home: Eden, A Level 75 Cap Final Fantasy XI Server

I am having an absolute blast on this private server, and wanted to help it get the attention it deserves.

Eden is a Treasures of Aht Urhgan era server whose population has tripled over the past several weeks. Why? Because Eden has multiple (I count at least 5) developers who care about the quality of their code as well as making content as close to the level 75 era as possible. They also have players who help test content on a test server before releasing it live. The devs have spent countless hours testing content like fishing, gardening, and chocobo digging to make it as retail like as possible, and you can find them all functional on Eden. They're also eager to make content like storyline missions and quests contain the same difficulty they did back then. The server is extremely low-level heavy right now, which means its a great time to jump in and start up a character, so you can grow with the community!


Corsair, Blue Mage, and Puppetmaster are set to launch soon (can't wait to finally try PUP, a job I always wanted to try but never did). TOAU content will be released over time. If you have any questions I'll try to answer them, but you may wish to ask in the Discord server. 🙂



Patch Notes:

Bug Reports:

Server just went down for a patch, which is how I stopped playing long enough to write this post 😛

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