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What are some Long Dead or Forgotten MMOs that weren’t very popular even during their time?

Gamingtodaynews1e - What are some Long Dead or Forgotten MMOs that weren't very popular even during their time?

I'm sure we all know of the City of Heros and the like but what are some of the more… Lesser known MMOs that are no longer playable? Maybe even some MMOs that aren't dead but so obscure you're unlikely to even find them today?

The Chipped Dagger

Status: Dead
www.rebelfactions - What are some Long Dead or Forgotten MMOs that weren't very popular even during their time?

Description: I actually never really got to play this except for once and not for very long. It randomly generated basically everything? I'm not entirely sure but it was a pretty interesting game.

No Where Else and Beyond(NEaB)

Status: Dead
Website: N/A

This game died a long time ago and there's only a single video even showcasing the game back in 2006.

Description: NEaB was a pretty interesting game. A huge portion of its economy was entirely player driven and has player designed dungeons, islands and even items to an extent. It had two forms of combat- Regular turnbased and a strategic grid based combat system as well as trainable Pets that I believe were also able to be player created.

Basically a huge chunk of the game was able to be made by players as well and given it's rather large amount of freedom it was a pretty fun game to play back when I was a kid. It's a shame the only real source of it is now entirely based on it's Engine that is surprisingly still available to buy. Strange.

WonderLand Online(WLO)

Status: Dead with Private Servers
Website: N/A

Videos: For such an extremely unknown game it does have quite a lot of videos so it's fairly easy to find gameplay of it.

Description: Published by a company that makes Nexon's monetization look like a saint the extremely p2w IGG created Wonderlands… an extremely unique game that puts a lot of current Games to absolute shame in terms of the shear depths of it's crafting, exploration and combat.

You can still actually play this game via it's chinese website(Info here) but for the most part this game is dead.

It's crafting was… Minecraft-esc where you would gather Mats through various means by finding them out in the world or by killing mobs. You'd actually have to try and find some of these materials as they didn't drop from Mobs so it made exploration a requirement because Guides for this game are extremely sparse.

You'd have access to a "Tent" where you could make varius "Crafting Benches" that branched off into other benches and this continued on until you were crafting literal UFOs with some pretty advanced materials.

The game sadly is marred by the very obvious and in your face monotiziation but honestly the game was pretty fun and I'd actually recommend trying it out just for the unique combat and crafting/housing system they got going. Not everyday you can just attack any NPC you see.

Tales of Pirates Online(TOP)/ Tales of Pirates 2 Online

They're basically the same game just.. just roll with it okay?

Status: Dead with Private Servers
Website: N/A
Videos: Same as Wonderland Online; this game has quite a lot of gameplay videos so just search around on youtube.


Description: You'll notice a trend with IGG's games as they tend to be extremely unique but extremely p2w so unless you could tolerate it or played a private server you either had to deal with it or just move on.

While WLO was more focused on it's rather unique combat and crafting systems TOP was more in the vain of other classical MMOs like WoW/EQ/FF11 in that you had a starting town, base classes, and a simple objective; Grind. However TOP decided it would stand out in one of the most absurd ways ever…

You could Sail.

Don't go anywhere; yes this idea is not very innovative now but for it's time and it's implementation this was a surprisingly unique aspect that was entirely unique to it prior to other more… mainstream MMOs. The World was primarily comprised of Islands and you either had to pay a pretty absurd fee to teleport to another starting town or gained enough levels and sailed to each one. I could never stick with this game long enough to unlock it but the world was primarily open with very little instancing and open world pvp tended to result in places being entirely locked down by guilds via Blocking them off with Ships… Because yeah that was actually a fucking thing you had to deal with.

Angels Online(AO)

Another IGG game because apparently this company made multiple unique MMOs that would of been revolutionary had they not been marred by the uh.. You know… massive unavoidable p2w cashshops.

Status: Forgotten
Videos: Read past IGG games.

Description: This one is actually not as Unique as the previous IGG games as it strays away from exploration to be more unique in character development and having something extremely unique in terms of a "Producer" class that is entirely built around just crafting and gathering.

AO does not have traditional classes and uses a system similar to Archeage in that you choose from certain "Trees" and make either Hybrid Combinations or Pure Combinations. It also Uses Mabinogi's style of leveling Skills to improve them.

The game is still available to play so if you have a group of friends who'd like to play an interesting MMORPG this could be a fun couple of hours if not to laugh at some of it.

Here's a wiki for the game if you're interested.

admin:home - What are some Long Dead or Forgotten MMOs that weren't very popular even during their time?

LEGO: Universe

Status: Dead with easily accessible Private servers
Website: N/A

Description: I don't really remember a whole lot about this game. Sorry.

Grand Chase(Not the Mobile one)!?
Status: Dead with private servers? Not entirely sure but I do remember them.
Website: N/a
Videos: Had tons of videos but it seems like the Mobile game is taking up a majority of the searches.

Description: Fairly similar to Elsword but I don't think I could ever do this game justice so you'll have to look elsewhere for a better description of it.

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