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What changes would you make to this game to make it better/more interesting?

Gamingtodaynews1f - What changes would you make to this game to make it better/more interesting?

It's a text-based web game called NationStates. In it you can create a nation of your liking and answer issues to change the statistics. Now, that's the basic, core game. However, there is a whole metagame and community aspect that has emerged out of it. I'll try to give a summary of it.

• There is no limit to how many nations you can create.

• The game has it's own version of the United Nations called the World Assembly (WA). Joining the WA simply requires you to provide an email for your nation and to click a join button. In the WA you can vote for general resolutions such as to ban the death penalty or increase the minimum pay etc. This resolutions may have a small effect on your nation stats if you are in the WA.

• There is also the Security Council which is for more in character resolutions related to gameplay. Such as condemning or commending a nation. More on it later.

• Quick note: You can only have one nation in the WA at a time. The moderators will know if you are multiing by your IP or MAC.

• There are collections of nations that are called regions. You can even found a region of your own. Being in a region doesn't effect your national stats nor is it permanent. You can change regions as many times as you want, provided the regional officers (ROs) don't eject or ban you.

• Regional Officers are elected by the Delegate who is in turn elected by simply being the nation with the most endorsements. Endorsements are basically your vote. Every nation that provides an email and joins the World Assembly can endorse any other nation in the same region. The game mechanics automatically makes the person with the most "influence" i.e., the most endorsements as the Delegate.

• The Delegate holds all the executive power in a region. They can appoint Regional Officers (ROs) to oversee specific parts of the region. Such as a border control (BC) officer who can eject or ban nations from the region etc.

• The Delegate even has more voting power in the WA as their vote carries the power of all of their endorsing nations.

• The only player with more power in a region than the Delegate is the Founder. That is, the player who founded or created the region. They don't need any endorsements or influence to ban or eject even the Delegate. So a founder is literally the god of a region.

• This brings us to the point of raiding and defending or R/D. Raiding is essentially when a number of nations endorse each other and "jump" to another region at a specific time. Thus ''carrying" their endorsements with them due to game mechanics. This basically means that one of the 'raiders' becomes the Delegate and then they can do almost whatever they wish to a region.


• Defending is the opposite of it where they might catch drift that raiders are going to target a region and thus they "pile" in and endorse the Delegate of that region to keep their Delegacy constant. Or choose a delegate from among themselves to not let the region fall into the raider's hands.

• R/D is only possible without an active founder. Since an active founder can ban and eject any number of raiders from their region.

• Now there are two types of regions. Game created regions or GCRs that are called "feeders" or "sinkers". They are of three types.

1.The Pacific regions are where all new nations are spawned so they are due to sheer game mechanics, the largest regions in the game.

  1. The Rejected Realms is where all nations that are banned or ejected from some other region arrive. So they are quite big as well.

  2. Lazarus and Balder are regions where the nations that have ceased to exist (CTE) are reformed. That is, a player comes back to the game after some time is automatically found in Lazarus or Balder.

These GCRs are due to game mechanics, essentially guaranteed to be large.

• User created regions (UCRs) however have difficulty with growing or maintaining size as they aren't benefited by game mechanics.

• The most common way to grow a region is by sending messages called Telegrams (TGs) to newly created nations. You can send TGs to a maximum of 8 nations at the same time. However, you can buy stamps that let you send more TGs. If your TG appeals to the nation and if you send it regularly and to a lot of nations, you have a chance to gain more nations. It's however a lot of work.

• You can also write issues of your own and post it for other players to critique and maybe even have one of your issues used in the game.

• You can also write WA resolutions or SC resolutions and see whether they pass or not.

• There are also the forums where you can talk with other players about in character as well as out of character stuff. You can also roleplay as well.

That's basically the briefest summary. There is politicking and communication stuff that can't really be described.

However, a lot of experienced players (and some have been playing it since it launched, 18 years ago) have been feeling that the gameplay has gotten stale.

The creator and owner of the game can be contacted on the forums, and he can be persuaded to change some game mechanics. What would you recommend to do or change?

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