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What characteristic of an MMO is an instant turn-off for you? Only name one.

Gamingtodaynews1b - What characteristic of an MMO is an instant turn-off for you? Only name one.

Obviously we all probably have numerous characteristics, but please just post one for the sake of discussion.

For me its "required linear questing progression". Every time you make a new character you have to go through the exact same questing rigmarole, cutscenes, dialogue, tasks. You've been playing for a half hour but you're still doing the exact same progression path as you've done on every other character.

You thought; "Hey, let's try out this other class they seem really interesting", but then they don't get interesting until lvl 15 and so you have to go through the 'rounds' again and again, rinsing and repeating on every character you try.

This was Blade and Soul to me. This was Aion to me. This was Tera to me.

Expectedly, this is why I was able to enjoy games like GW2, WoW, MS, TOS, RO, etc so much. You could make a character of any race or class, and if you weren't happy with the map/quest you started on after the tutorial, you could just fuck off to a different map instead. In GW2 I leveled most of my alts through Metrica Provence and Caledon Forest because I enjoyed those maps. In RO I would choose different maps based on the class I started with; such as sniping mobs with spells/arrows in the Labyrinth, or going to Poringland with melee.

Alt-friendliness is crucial to an MMO, and required linear questing progression is anti-alt-friendliness.

What are your hard-stops?


EDIT: The answers in this thread remind me of one of the biggest cringe-situations in the history of MMO's to me. Many years ago the GW2 devs reached out to their fans, asking for input on what features should become priorities. They said; "Tell us your 3 most important features, and order them in the priority you would like to see them tackled. Such as Raiding, Exploration, Events" (roughly paraphrased, couldn't find the source).

So where one would naturally assume that this would be an opportunity for people to speak out their dreamlist of features and updates they would like to see, 95% of the people that read these very simple instructions did literally ONE THING. They took the 3 "example items" and regurgitated them in varying order. It was as if taking a sample size of forum-posting MMO players you could find absolutely no reading comprehension skills amongst the majority of them.

That is how I feel right now, an hour later, looking at the responses in this thread. Where I saw an opportunity for learning and shared discussion, I find minimally worded comments that completely disregard the initial ask of the thread both in the title and the text, to tell us about that ONE, SINGULAR, FEATURE that kills a game for you. Absolutely no discussion or explanation, just.. very sub-par answers.

It was my mistake, I clearly set the bar far too low.

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