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What constitutes a good guild in your opinion?

Gamingtodaynews1g - What constitutes a good guild in your opinion?


Okay, so I have been wondering now what makes a guild a good guild to other players?

I've been in and out of MMOs for a long time now, currently playing FFXIV and loving it. Something I've noticed across all the MMOs that I do end up playing is that guilds are a weird thing and can mean something different for everyone involved. For me and mine what makes for a good guild is how friendly the other members of it are, if people in it don't mind running lower level content with players, and do their best to put the experience of having a social circle to play the game with first.


But for other guilds you have a mixture of people who are only in one to do the weekly raid or what have you, high stress and high reward type guilds. You also have those guilds that just spam invite everyone but don't really offer much in the way of community feeling compared to some of the smaller guilds. Even then smaller guilds can have their own problems if the player dynaics are not as nice to people first joining the guild.

So I ask you, as I am mostly curious, to you, what makes for a good guild? Is it purely about the numbers, the content being run, the sense of community or is there something else not really discussed here.

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