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What do you expect of Riot Games Runeterra MMO?

Gamingtodaynews1g - What do you expect of Riot Games Runeterra MMO?

Greetings from Brazil! As someone who has played a lot of MMO's, this is what I think we can expect from the new Runeterra-based MMO:


Demacia, Noxus and Freljord are practically confirmed in the game to be regions to be explored, since they are all close to each other. Shurima, Piltover / Zaun and Bilgewater should probably also be at the start of the game. Islands like Ionia and Shadow Isles, places like Targon may be added to the game with future updates.

Character Creation

We must have limited races. I believe that the Elder Scrolls concept is functional: your race offers only a small benefit, and with few races to choose from as human, yordle, troll, vastaya or other. Considering that we will have races, the items in the game should not be reflected in the character. Does anyone imagine a yordle holding a giant hammer from the game?! Perhaps your choice of race influences your hometown. Trolls start at a location in Freljord, yordles start at Bandopolis, etc. There is the option of not having races and everyone being human too, which is possible, a lot because of the yordles: in PvP they would have an advantage because they are smaller, making it difficult for opponents to hit spells on them.

Class System

I expect something like this:

Melee Fighter: Swordsman / Assassin / Cyborg / Monk / PaladinMage: Summoner / Light / Dark / Alchemist / DruidADC: Ranger / Gunslinger / Magical

PvP / PvE

Since they probably will use the same system of League of Legends for battles, the system is ready and players already know what PvP is like. But of course, changes are necessary, it would not be cool to see an assassin walking through Runeterra killing in 2 seconds the mages / adcs there.

As well as having places where PvP is possible and places where it is not possible, even to avoid high level players abusing pvp. One option is: when you murder someone in Demacia, you are prohibited from entering Demacia because you are a murderer. Or, Demacia's guards will always attack you if you have killed someone in Demacia. Among other options.

PvE should be like other MMO games.


I play Legends of Runeterra, and well, there are many characters there, it is very easy to make the characters there into NPCs. Also, I believe all of the League of Legends champions should be NPC in the game. I for myself would like to speak with Darius and join the Noxian army…



It would be fun to fight for Noxus against players from Demacia. How about joining the Gangplank pirate group? Or … train with Shen to become a ninja?


The view above the character like league of legends is the best for an MMO in my opinion, I don't think something like third person or first person view is necessary.


The game must be free considering the Riot's policy on LoL / LoR. But to have a better game, a big profit is needed for the company. Even because this game alone must cost absurd money to be created and maintained. How will developers profit from the game, to pay the large amount of people on the game's creation team, profit from their work and still invest in game updates from months to months? Some options:

1. Skins / Outfit. If a character walks around wearing a Teemo hat, it's just a visual change, it doesn't interfere with anything in the game other than something visual. Skins are required for players to purchase. The game must have mounts, so we must also have skins for mounts. Instead of having a boar mount, how about a poro mount?

2. Houses in cities. To buy houses in cities and live in them, you must spend Riot Points on it. Do you want to live in a small house in Demacia? You need to buy it for an amount of Riot Points. There will be houses in every city, right? Well, a big part of players will want to live in a house in these cities. What about auctions for houses? Who pays more riot points, wins the auction for the house.

3. Premium accounts. For a player to walk from Freljord to Shurima to carry out a mission or event, it must take a long time. Well … what if you can go by boat right away? As a premium player, you have that advantage. Let's say there is an island in Runeterra that allows you to gain protection so that in case of death, you will not lose many points in your attributes / level. To get there, you need to use a boat, so you need to be a premium account. That is, you can play the game normally without paying anything. But, when paying a small monthly fee, you can use the boats in the game, being able to visit islands in the game outside the main continent as well as make quick trips. If the server is full, whoever is premium should have priority login as well.

Note that this does not influence gameplay, a level 100 free account faces a level 100 premium account in a PvP in both with equal battle conditions.

So this is what I expect from the game!

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