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What games do you want a sequel to?

Gamingtodaynews1e - What games do you want a sequel to?

Ever play a game and after finishing it you feel wanting for more (could be in a good way or bad way)?

These are the games that I want a sequel to:

  1. Sleeping Dogs: I can't believe Square Enix is sleeping on this IP. The first one wasnt a massive success at launch but slowly it has built a big user base and fam following. Surely a sequel would be a big success if it remains true to what made the original so good- great story and narrative, amazing characters,great soundtrack, immersive open world that made you feel like you've experienced Hong Kong (even though the Graphics weren't so special), unique traversal and movement elements like parkour and great combat-both in terms of melee and gunplay. I know UFG shut down, which is very unfortunate, but Square can still make a sequel in house or contract a studio to do it. Please Square Enix, a man is not a whole man without Sleeping Dogs 2 in his game library.

  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Another Square Enix IP. DE:MD definitely had a less than stellar launch, which was the result of Square pretty much handicapping the game even before launch. It got a terrible marketing campaign riddled with controversy and the game itself had stupid microtransactions that was clearly added at the last moment. To make things worse, the game feels incomplete. The story literally ends on a cliffhanger, just as the plot was getting good. Though the game received positive reviews, it's commercial performance must've been disappointing because Square has put the franchise on hold for now. After all this you might say why would anyone want a sequel to this game. Here's why- the gameplay is amazing, level design is stellar, graphics are amazing, the story, even though it ended on a cliffhanger and wasn't big enough, was great, the setting was amazing and there are very few games that are as immersive as this. The game puts user choice at its very core and allows user freedom in almost everything. People often criticize some games for being 'on the rails'. This is the game those people should play. I want to see Eidos Montreal make a sequel to this game without any interference from Square. Other people didn't ask for this, but I will.

  3. The Order:1886: I'm gonna keep this short like the game. I want a sequel to this because it had a very unique (and imo great) setting and I want to see more of it. I know this was a linear third party shooter but I can't be the only one who wants an open world game for the sequel, especially after seeing the ending. I hope they maintain the same level of graphical polish (this game was the best looking game for a while) and even though the story was short it was good imo, so I hope they keep the same standard of storytelling. I want them to double down on the unique weapons (that thermite gun is one of my favorite weapons in any game) and get rid of the stupid QTEs. That's my Order to the team at Ready at Dawn.

What games do you want to see a sequel to and why?

Edit: I forgot to add this:

4.South Park: The Fractured But Whole: I would love to play another South Park game. That's all.

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