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What If 2 Zelda Collections Happen Next Year?

Gamingtodaynews1g - What If 2 Zelda Collections Happen Next Year?

I have been having a theory recently that I would love to share. Next year in Febuary is The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary , and we're all wondering what they're going to do for that franchise. I have come up with my own thought that I want to share. You can already tell where I'm going by the title.

So what am I talking about? Well , I see everywhere I go that people wanting all the other 3D Zelda games to come over to the Nintendo Switch. I would also love that to happen but I see a specific theme that I think would be a good reason to split up the collection into 2 parts. Don't get me wrong , I would love if it's just one but let's look past that.

The Legend of Zelda Sacred Legends : Wise Warrior (1) –

Instead of adding "Anniversary" or "Collection" I went for a title that was more like the All-Stars collection. Anyway , let me talk about Sacred Legends 1. To me , this collection would include Ocarina of Time 3D , Majoras Mask 3D and Twilight Princess HD. A theme that I see within these 3 titles is that the same Link appears in all 3. First , saving Hyrule in Ocarina of Time , saving Termina in Majoras Mask and teaching the new Link battle techniques in Twilight Princess. The reason why I chose to call this the "Wise Warrior" collection is because Link learns a lot about growing up and also becomes a Master Swordsmen. Of course , Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask would reworked to adapt to one screen and while we're at it , the option to play the original N64 version. The Miistamps in Twilight Princess could be replaced with Korok seeds from BOTW and maybe we'll see the return of the motion-controls from the Wii version. Of course , optional.

The Legend of Zelda Sacred Legends : Seaside Savior (2) –


Now this collection would include all 3 games in the Adult timeline , those being : Wind Waker HD , Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Wind Waker HD from what I can tell , has no problems (Haven't played any version of Wind Waker or Twilight Princess) but Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks would add a standard way of playing and having touch-controls optional. Theres also a dungeon/temple where the player has to constently return to in one of those games (Haven't played Phantom Hourglas or Spirit Tracks either) but this remaster , which would he upressed versions of the DS games as well , would remove the need of going back to that place so many times. Also , of course reworking those games to adapt to one screen also. Since these games takes place in the seas (Not 100 percent sure about that though , I don't think Spirit Tracks takes place in the waters) , I decided to name this collection "Seaside Savoir".

Please , let me know what you think about is going to happen next year for Zelda! I'm also expecting a Skyward Sword HD and news about BOTW2 but decided to make this post revolve around the collections I made up. Anyways , bye bi!

Edit : Okay , so let me say this again. THIS IS A THEORY. Though , I do not in anyway expect this to happen. Yes , I do believe a collection , a remake of Skyward Sword and news for BOTW2 is happening and to be announced in a Zelda Direct. All I did was have a thought and I wanted to share it. Yes , I wish this would happen as it would be awsome BUT I don't THINK it will happen. Theres a difference.

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