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What is an MMORPG.

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Google definition ;

''an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously.''

Okey so what is a very large number???

''Large numbers are numbers that are significantly larger than those ordinarily used in everyday life, for instance in simple counting or in monetary transactions''

So for example. That depends on currency but even currency that goes into 1000's lets think of Japanese yen, people think of 1000's as 1k. They round it up to the nearest 100th or 1000th thus removing the extra zeros. If we think in currency's like USD and £ or Euros.
You will go to buy your weekly food shop from the super market and will spend between 30-50 £$ per person for the week if you just go for basics.

So let's say anything below 100 is not large.

Over 100 is Large. VERY large takes it further so let's say VERY large is over 1000.

Back to the definition.

''an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously.''

Right so we need 1000+ people but these days in games like say destiny, wow, bdo, warframe, EVE online, path of exile, call of duty, they all have much more than 1000 people playing at any given time.

Correct but they do not participate simultaneously.

If you can go to a location on a game on the 'server' where you started your charecter and can not see a person who is supposed to be in that location it is not an MMO.

Think back when Sean Murray was saying No Man Sky was an MMO / multiplayer etc etc then two smart ass people managed to make their way though the massive galaxy and go to the exact same spot as eachother and could not see one another. That made it so the game was Not and MMO and caused controvarsy as the developer was claiming it was multiplayer.

To get into the jist of it. Without including server technologys and the like. For a game to be an MMO it needs to be in one dimension or reality where you are participating with more than 1000> people.

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If our world IRL was a game, it would be an MMO. But imgaine if you went to meet bob the builder at your local fast food restaurant for a quick pint of guiniess, you get there and bob the builder texts you to say hes there and you can't see him. Life would no longer be an MMO.



Good for you mate but Destiny is not an mmo, i can 'meet' many people sure i can but i can't go looking for a guy and find him if i know hes actually there. Maybe the game decides for me that im not going to play with Bob today and the game sticks me in a different version of the universe.

Now to get controversial. World of Warcraft since… legion??? i think?? Has started to employ the exact same type of technology as Destiny 2 for it's open world. Sure you can up the number of people from 10 to more like 50 onscreen at once but remember 50 is not a large number??? So is wow no longer an MMO??

By definition since you are not participating simultaneously in the same reality then no.

Did wow used to be an MMO by definition?? Yes because on a single server where you start your charecters journey apart from the added on instances in the wow open world it was a single universe. Now it's split with many.

In legion i was hunting one of my rivals all around suramar for about 2 hours. He knew i was coming for him via Real ID. We never met and eventualy i stopped the smoke and mirrors and messaged him. He was looking for me too he said and we were going to the same locations to try find one another. We then decided to try force a meet up and went to the same exact location. We never saw one another, even though since vanilla wow we were always in the same persistant world partipating simultaneously. No longer apparently.

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So in short.

An MMO requires a simultaneous single world where people of a number over 1000 participate.

RPG however: ''A role-playing game (sometimes spelled roleplaying game; abbreviated RPG) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting''

A character can be anything at all that you move around and make it do things. Fictional meaning it is not real or factual.

So in effect anything you can be a charecter in a game is an RPG. By definition almost anything in the game world can be an RPG.

''These electronic games sometimes share settings and rules with tabletop RPGs, but emphasize character advancement more than collaborative storytelling.''

So in adition games on computers have coined that the charecter needs a way to advance. Any game that has you moving something that is a character and it can advance is an RPG.

TLDR; so MMORPG. = a simultaneous world/dimension where people of a number over 1000 participate where they control a character that can advance and grow.

If you disagree try put your definition and let's see.

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