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What is Death Stranding (For upcoming new PC players)

Gamingtodaynews1g - What is Death Stranding (For upcoming new PC players)

If you are thinking of buying DS for PC when it comes out, here's a layer by layer introduction to the game. Obviously there will be spoilers so stop once you have enough idea of what the game is.

Layer 1: In Death Stranding, you play as a delivery man transporting goods from Point A to Point B. The game requires you to learn inventory management, stamina management, plan your routes through a desolate landscape, with rocks, mountains and rivers impeding your way. The story is told through cutscenes mostly with large chunks of exposition given at milestones.

If you are a game reviewer on a deadline or a comedy Youtuber who needs to release a video on time to get hype, stop here. If you're a normal player wondering what Hideo Kojima, the meticulous auteur of the Metal Gear series is up to, go to the next layer.

Layer 2: The first hook of the game is explained pretty early and in trailers as well. You not only have to deliver packages, you have to make a pilgrimage the East coast of the USA to the West Coast of USA. While doing so, you make connections between the post apocalyptic cities and individuals who have been sealed off away from the world, both figuratively and literally. If this seems familiar to you, do note that the game was release before the real life pandemic and will no doubt make it seem more compelling to post pandemic players. The game also actually has an important building mechanic where you construct bridges and other advanced structures, though only ropes and ladders are shown in the trailers.


There are in fact enemies and Boss fights in the game, with a plethora of lethal and non-lethal weapons with very deep implications for killing enemies. The world is also fully explained near the end with a fairly interesting take on science fiction.

Layer 3: The game is actually a multiplayer experience. As you progress through the first area, you'll realise that the world is asynchronous PvE similar to Dark Souls. Other players can leave messages, help you on your journey with items, buildings etc, which makes your journey much easier. (This is for a reason)

Layer 4: As with all of Kojima's game, there is a theme at play here, whether it's about Jingoism vs Patriotism or the dangers of AI. In interviews, Kojima has stated that DS is meant to be a positive experience, a game where lonely players can feel like part of a community. This theme is reflected in the story, the main character and through the actions of the player. However, this means that the player will have to literally suffer through a tough first act before understanding the joy from achieving a goal with the help of a community.

Spoiler free analogy. This game like it's world simulates what it's like to train very hard for a marathon or a mountain climb and the satisfaction it brings from completing such a task. You will not need any guides or walkthroughs to appreciate the game.

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