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What is probably going to be the new biggest battle in Eve, at least in number of ships destroyed, is happening now

Gamingtodaynews1e - What is probably going to be the new biggest battle in Eve, at least in number of ships destroyed, is happening now

Typing this up since I'm in 10% TiDi in a HIC waiting for the signal for us to go in.

So, tl;dr for the war. Goonswarm has traditionally lived in Delve, in the bottom left of the map. They've been allied with Test, who lived in the bottom right. In the Northeast lives Panfam, which now includes the Chinese alliance Fraternity, after Frat was evicted from its place in the east by a combined attack from Goons and Test. After this, Frat and Panfam attacked DeadCo, who used to live in the top right of the map, DeadCo has initially been with Panfam in the 2018 war, but it backed out earlier than the rest of Panfam, and had ended up switching sides to be allied with Imperium. At first this war was just to get more room for FRT to live in, since they'd lost all their home space to Test, but after DeadCo failscaded Panfam + FRT continued around the map getting closer and closer to Goon space. And then at the end of June, TEST gave a notice to GSF that it was ending their alliance in 2 weeks. So on July 5th, the war kicks off for real.


For the past 6 months, Goons have not taken major fights or risked their heavy assets, and have just slowly lost space and tried to stall. However, as of now, Panfam + Test forces have started sieging a keepstar (the largest structure, the only one that allows the biggest ships to dock in) in Delve that was not cyno jammed. In the past all of the keepstars that Panfam+Test killed had been Cynojammed, meaning that goons could not bring in heavy assets to defend them. Cyno jammers are structures that you can build if you have held a system for 30 days straight and they stop cynos from being lit, and cynos allow capital and supercapital ships to teleport straight to them. Without these moving large groups of super capitals is practically impossible. Attacking a keepstar in a system without a cyno jammer gives Goons a significant advantage in the fight, however probably not one big enough to make up for how outnumbered they are.

So, as I'm writing this we're in 10% Tidi, with 750+ Titans on grid + a few dozen already dead, over 5.5k in local, and more dying. And as soon as FRT (they're Chinese, remember, so they're mostly still asleep) starts to wake up they're going to be coming in and that's going to push numbers up even more.

And with how changes have been recently drastically nerfing the survivability of Titans and Supers, and making them much harder to replace, this battle is probably going to see more of them dead than any battle before, including B-R5RB.

Edit:Battle is still ongoing, definetely the biggest battle by far in terms of Titans destroyed, and I'm going to sleep so idk how its going to end but also there's no way Pandafam + Test loses this.

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