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What is the favorite world Nintendo has created for you to play in?

Gamingtodaynews1f - What is the favorite world Nintendo has created for you to play in?

Because of the creativity of the different Nintendo development teams and the play focused videogame design approach they take, I think some of my favorite game worlds in videogames are Nintendo ones. Even if they aren't necessarily as filled with characters and conversations as say Skyrim, the exploration to them through gameplay is my favorite. Thinking back on my favorite games it's really down to the worlds that Nintendo has made for me to enjoy that sets them apart from others.

For example, while Super Mario Sunshine isn't the most smoothly controlling or polished Mario experience, I really really love how cohesive and real Isle Delfino feels. I love that whatever main level you enter you can see the other levels off in the distance from it because they are all parts of this island. The Super Mario Galaxy-esque portions are some of my least favorite since they feel so disconnected from the rest of the game.

The other favorite Mario worlds of mine will be the BeanBean Kingdom and Rogueport, I just love getting to see what the lives of citizens are like in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even though I know it's not true, I like to think that all of the Mario Kart and Golf Course locations could somehow be mapped into some unified Mushroom Kingdom map. It's an activity I spent a lot of time and energy trying to do when I was a little kid.

Another favorite of mine is Hyrule, OoT Hyrule will always be MY Hyrule experience, but I really love that every other game tends to keep similar features (like Death Mountain or Lake Hylia) in the same general region across games, and BoTW's version of Hyrule felt so wild and serene to explore that it's up there with OoT as a favorite of mine.


Oh man, staying with Zelda the Great Sea and Termina are also amazing. The Great Sea has the same feel as BoTW Hyrule of just exploring this vast uncharted land, and I loved just sailing around in the King of Red Lions for an hour or so, seeing what treasure I could find or enemies I could fight. Termina has the opposite feel, it's densely packed with all sorts of characters and the limitation of a 3 day cycle means that everyone gets very specific behavior and makes Clock Town and the surrounding areas really come to life.

I think the other world that sticks out to me is Tallon IV, Metroid Prime was my first Metroid experience and exploring this crumbling, ruined, but still living and diversely alien world really had an impact on me. I fell for Prime, and I fell very hard.

Some worlds that I enjoy but would like to see expanded more are the Metroid Universe (seeing Samus hunting bounties in different areas, even if it won't feel like a main metroid title would be fun) and the Lylat system. I love Star Fox 64, Assault, and Command, and just want to know more about the way Lylat's government works and interplanetary commerce works and am super curious to dive deeper into that world. My main complaint about Zero is that to me it didn't reveal a whole lot more about Lylat as a whole compared to the previous games.

I wanted to check what the rest of the community thinks, what are your favorite Nintendo worlds, and why? Which worlds do you want to see more of, which do you think are the most realized, and what do you want to next in a Nintendo setting?

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