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What is your MMORPG Resume?

Gamingtodaynews1g - What is your MMORPG Resume?

Hey guys, another fun thread I wanted to try out. Essentially, just list out the MMORPGs that you played and maybe some accomplishments of yours while playing them. I'm pretty bored currently so this gives me something to read.

Here is mine.

Feb2005-Jan 2006 World of Warcraft

a) Played as a Night Elf Hunter and made it to max level (60).

b) Did NOT get to go through Scholo and Strat while they were still raids, but did raid Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire.

c) Attempted to raid Molten Core (we sucked and couldnt get past first boss)

d) Found an epic two-handed axe off of a snow tiger in Wintergrasp. I stupidly used it as I was a Survival Hunter.

c) Played the first BG's when they opened up,

Mar 2006 – Nov 2006 Guild Wars 1

a) Played Warrior/Ele

b) Made it to but not past the Isles of Fire

c) Played PvP and learned that I sucked but enjoyed it.

April 2007 – Jan 2008 World of Warcraft

a) Came back for BC, rerolled as a Night Elf Druid (feral)

b) Enjoyed PvP

c) Made it to lvl 66 then quit due to boredom.

Feb 2008 – April 2008 Dungeons & Dragon's Online

a) Tried the game out, completely ruined my character.

b) Enjoyed running dungeons and the traps. Introduced me to Turbine Studios

May 2008 – Nov 2008 Lord of the Rings Online

a) Loved the game at first sight (huge Tolkien fan).

b) Rolled as a Dwarf Guardian

c) Made plenty of alts but never got over level 23 (I was just starting some college classes and getting ready to graduate high school).

Aug 2010 – Sep 2011 World of Warcraft

a) Got my druid up to lvl 80

b) join a guild and raided (a little) of ICC

c) PvP


d) With Cata, got to lvl 85 and continued to play pvp

July 2010 – Nov 2011 Warhammer Online

a) Rolled as a Squig Herder

b) Hit level 40 and renown rank 60

c) actually enjoyed the dungeons in WAR, but mostly the pvp.

d) Attempted to make youtube videos comparing WoW and WAR. This failed hilariously.

Jan 2011 – Mar 2011 Lord of the Rings Online

a) came back, new account, and made a Human Captain and Dwarf Rune Keeper

c) Made it to level 43

Also Jan 2011 – Aug 2012

a) Tried out and played AION

b) Tried out and played Everquest 2

c) Tried out and beta tested/played RIFT Online

d) Tried out and Played Star Wars the Old Republic

e) Tried out and played Allods Online

f) Tried out Age of Conan

g) Tried out Invictus(??)

Aug 2012 – Mar 2013 Guild Wars 2

a) Had been following the information on Guild Wars 2 and watched all the content I could from demos.

b) Pre-purchased the game and played in the final beta

c) Made a Char Guardian and played him up to level 34 before jumping straight into sPvP.

d) Played off and on while life got busy.

Nov 2018 – Now

a) Re-downloaded and started up my Guild Wars 2 account

b) Got guardian to level 80 and started a necro and revenant

c) Still playing sPvP

d) Purchased Elder Scrolls Online and currently have a level 21 Norn Dragonknight.

c) Joined the WAR Return of Reckoning private server

And that is my MMORPG Resume. Can't wait to see everybody elses 🙂

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