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What it takes to actually get good at games, beyond quick tips and tricks.

Gamingtodaynews1e - What it takes to actually get good at games, beyond quick tips and tricks.

Hey all. I wanted to share some insight into what I think it takes to actually improve as a gamer and get good and hear your opinions too. I've watched countless times as people ask big streamers how they got so good and I feel as if the streamers responses don't fully reflect all the important things they do. If you game for 12 hours a day for years, you'll naturally start developing and improving, but what's actually going on?

I had some small success as a pro gamer and twitch partner and what I learned was one of the most important skills you can develop is learning to ask why. It's a fundamental mindset that encourages you to be critical and ask "why" as you're watching other pro gamers play to decipher what they're doing. "Why" can also be used to reflect on the decisions you're making as you game and help you decide what's worth doing and what's not.

For example it's things like

Why are they rotating that way?

Why are they using that gun?

Why did they go that skill build?

So many pro players will circumvent this by brute forcing it and no-lifing, and I feel that's viable if you can put in the 12 hours daily to basically learn through punishment.

  1. Play and get owned,

  2. Learn to stop doing the thing that's getting you owned

What I've found is there's a way better, faster and less stressful way. Get good at being observant and filtering all the information you can get from watching pro players play and then using that to improve your own play. So instead of focusing all your energy on getting good at 1 specific game, focus your energy at becoming a god-tier filter for knowledge. Then you can apply that filter to any game, because it's all the same shit.


The goal is really for you to get:

– Amazing at dissecting play

– then dissecting your own play,

– then implementing what you've learned and practicing it

– so the only thing left is for you to just have to grind out your muscle memory stuff like clicking on heads.

I've found focusing on this helps makes getting owned less personal too. You don't have to be hard on yourself as you're getting bottlenecked by your lack of muscle memory and skill. I feel as if focusing on "why", being critical of your own play let's you take the focus away from just trying to win every round and instead make the focus on what you can learn. The muscle memory will come slowly, but knowledge is something you can gain every single round. So as your getting your poop pushed in you're still "winning" in a sense.

This is the mindset I adopt to get good at every game I play, and it's really helped me so far.

I'm not sure if I just rambled on or if this is helpful at all. I recently just made a YouTube video that explains everything further

so this is a bit of a plug, I don't really know what I wanna do with my channel just creating random videos on things I'm into so far.

Anyway hoping this can be helpful and open to discussion!

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