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What makes a characters death emotional for you?

Gamingtodaynews1e - What makes a characters death emotional for you?

Hi everyone. Just wondering what are ways that video games have connected you with a character and then wrecked you with their death or other tragedy befallen them? What are some character deaths that were obviously supposed to be emotional, but just did not work for you? How would you change it and why did it not work?

I feel like a lot of games want to twist up your emotions but sometimes just do not work at all. I'm not sure why exactly either because I feel like there are mainly two kinds of characters that they do this with. It is always either a character that has been with you for a long portion of the game, or somebody that you only see for a few minutes but they do something really badass or charming that's supposed to get you connected with them. I'll give some examples of tragedies that didnt work for me and some that did. Spoilers ahead.

The Last of Us. Early on in the game we play as Joel's daughter right before the zombie apocalypse begins. Within a few minutes of starting the game she is tragically killed by a scared soldier. While it is certainly sad how it happened, I've seen a lot of people are torn apart by this bit. I'm not a stonehearted person or anything, but I really was not that choked up about it for some reason. Maybe I didnt have long enough time with her? I'm not sure.


Assassin's Creed Odyssey. There are a few important characters that die in this game, but the one I'm referring to here is your character's mother if you don't get the perfect ending. I'm not sure how other people felt about this one, but near the end your evil sibling kills your mother that you spend a lot of the game trying to track down. Alexios/Kassandra shows the most emotion here than any other part of the game, but I just didn't feel it. I don't have any clue why. Maybe because I saw it coming a mile away?

Now for a good emotional part that really hurt me, I'm going to refer to Tales from the Borderlands since its the first one that came to mind. At one point pretty decently into the game, your mechanic friend Scooter has to save the day. He sacrifices himself to keep everyone from getting blown up in a rocket. Afterwards you launch his advertisement into space that he had been saving for when we finally got to space and you choose the words on it. This one really got me choked up. He was an important character in the previous game and in this one, and you get to choose his final tribute after he dies for you. I think that's what got me.

I could go on with more examples but this post is already longer than I intended. Do you have examples of a good character death that made you really feel it? Why do you think it works as opposed to another one that you didn't really care that much about?

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