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What MMO would you choose to be reincarnated to if you had a choice ?

Gamingtodaynews1e - What MMO would you choose to be reincarnated to if you had a choice ?

If you were to die and be reincarnated in a MMO world, which world would you like to be reborn in ? Limitations are as follows :-

1) Must be an MMO; mainly because its this subreddit and I want to keep it about MMORPGs.

2) You're going to be reincarnated as just a normal person / NPC. You're not the hero, great adventurer, intrepid explorer, etc.. You're going to be just a weak normal NPC that's living your life in that world. Think of yourself as one of those quest givers that will be depending on a passing adventurer to help solve your problem (be it slaying a monster, or delivering a parcel to your neighbour next door) if you choose a theme park MMO.

So which world would you choose ?

For me personally, several options come to mind :-

Fantasy MMOs have probably the most well detailed worlds. I can imagine myself actually living there. But at the same time its extremely inconvenient. Not only are monsters roaming around right outside your village, the lack of transport and medical help is also an issue. Teleports, available to adventures, are probably not available to you. So for that reason EQ1, EQ2, and Ultima Online are probably out of the question.

I will accept living in WoW's Elywynn Forest since it doesn't seem too dangerous; although I might get morally corrupted depending on which server I end up in. 🙂

FFXIV is probably my best choice for fantasy worlds. Mainly because much of the world is actually civilised and there are in-lore systems for people to go from A to B. There's also medical services.

Haven't played GW2 to comment on that. But don't recall any NPCs in GW1; the adventure zones didn't seem to have any NPCs. All the NPCs seemed to be just crowded into a few camps. Not a world I would want to live in.


Modern worlds like City of Heroes would also be a consideration. Although the city does seem to suffer from an alien invasion, and there are rather too many secret societies causing trouble; the city does have all the modern conveniences.

Haven't played Secret World Legends to comment on that.

Then there are the futuristic worlds. Having never played EVE, I can't really comment on it. But I wonder if there are even NPCs. Just what is the life like for a normal person in the EVE universe ?

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) is probably a viable choice. The only issue is the wealth disparity; being a lowly NPC probably means a hard life. But is it any worse than life in a fantasy world ?

Haven't played SWTOR. So can't comment.

Finally, there are the war torn worlds like PlanetSide 1 & 2. Unfortunately Auraxis is out of the question. I don't remember any civilian settlements. Everything is a military base. Don't think there are even any NPCs.

And I'm not going to consider post-apocalyptic worlds for obvious reasons.

Note : All this is basically to spark a discussion on the various amount of world detail provided by the developers of a MMORPG. Personally, as a player, I believe that one of the drawcards of an MMOs is to imagine myself living in that world. Sure, the player community can provide various social aspects that help with that immersion. But without the initial framework provided by the developers, then all this comes to naught.

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