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What moments got you hooked on a game?

Gamingtodaynews1g - What moments got you hooked on a game?

For me, Guild Wars 2: Day 1

I started out as a human. Standard quests, though I was honestly having fun early on because of the way other players joined in things like helping to stop the bandits from destroying the piping system and the farm. Seeing those first glowing points off in the distance and discovering Vistas was also pretty amazing. Then came the caravan.

I don't remember how I ended up at the little outpost, but I was able to take the mission escorting the cart to the army training camp, and once again the dynamic of having others hop in on the same quest and feeling like everyone was needed–or at least would make it far easier–for success pulled me in. Something so simple did a great job of making you feel like a hero without being The Hero and going over the top.

I arrived at the army camp. Curious, I did some of the attached missions that took me off to the bear caves and whatnot. I talked to some of the NPCs about crafting skills. I did the training missions offered by the soldiers. I definitely felt the fun the world had to offer overall; then I set out towards what would be the real game changer.

Again, I don't recall what chain led me off through the swamp and to the monastery, but I do recall the foreboding that fetid little marsh had even just traipsing through it to get elsewhere. A few side missions let me get a feel that something remained unwell at its heart, but I completed what I could and continued on my way to helping the monks with their gardening and brewing. I set off again on my journey, sticking to the outskirts of the swamp, thinking I'd seen all one adventurer needed to see in such dire settings; I was wrong.


Unexpectedly it happened. Other players began to arrive and soon portals began materializing around the swamp's center. New, far stronger creatures appeared. I might not have been The Hero, but I was a hero, and as such I rushed in to join the fray. We vanquished the new fiends as the tension continued to build. I, being but a nave and melee to boot, did little in truth, but I did what I could to stem the tide of evil. We slayed the demonic apparitions and sealed the portal; it was only then that I realized there was a far greater foe yet to come our way.

The Shadow Behemoth erupted from the center of the marsh and the fight was once again joined. My trusty sword struck true in my hands, cutting at the beast each time it attacked as I resisted the ghastly cries rushing forth from the hell that must be inside it. A time or two the creature managed to take me down with its ripostes, but my fellow warriors saved me from the brink and on we fought. Such an overwhelming force was more than even so evil a creature could stand and soon we'd forced it back to the depths from which it came. I can't lie: that oversized treasure chest at the end was the perfect over-the-top icing to really make it feel like I'd just participated in something quite memorable.

I will say the fact that this happened as the area had just moved into a night cycle made it all the more immersive. I was also a bit lucky in that the group battling with me at the time was a bit smaller than those I saw on later fights, meaning the Behemoth didn't just melt like butter, making it a bit more of a real fight. The ramp up of dynamic and timed events came together pretty amazingly, but that wasn't the only time simply questing brought me into encounters like this. Remembering how that felt makes me think about what GW2 could have remained and will without doubt stay part of the great experience I had during my first few months of the game.

Have you had similar things that kept you coming back for more?

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