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What -should- be next?

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Foreword – Im a longtime fan of directional melee slashers and also a dev. I recently finished the last patch of my solo game Elium (a single player directional melee slasher), and Im looking for ideas for my next project – you guessed it, a directional melee slasher.

Current State (as I see it) – Chiv is abandoned by TB, Mirage failed and faded (seemed fun but for me it was too focused on spells and not enough melee, also had a theme and art style that seems wasnt popular), Of Kings and Men had a great start but died even faster, Mordhau looks promising but seems will come with its own problems (more twitchy with a steeper learning curve, 1000+ hour veterans on day 1), M&B2's multiplayer seems more focused on AI squads and doesnt even have a release date, and then there's KCD (which I didnt even try yet) and a few other single-player games that might or might not fit into this category of games


As a developer one must always consider the choice of taking up the competition directly and try making a superior iteration (i.e. Chiv2) or try to grab the attention attempting something new and original (i.e. Mirage). Both are risky in their own way, and I'm sure TB has faced this yet again for whatever their next game will be. As a solo dev I probably have to try the route of new+original (which means attempting something flashy-awesome)

TL;DR – What should come next? What do you want next?

A pure medieval setting? Should it explore dragons or lasers, or *gasp* magic? Gods in a mortal world? Hi-tech rangers in a post-apocalyptic land?

Should it focus on pure physical battles? How about special abilities (physical or magical)?

Are you interested in a seamless single-player adventure or what about co-op missions? Or is the fun really about bashing other people's skulls? Does this niche need a battle royale mode?

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I guess this question can also be useful for TB -maybe all we really need is Chiv2- but I could really use the opinions from the optic of a potential new game, something with really low resources wanting to be fun

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